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Solid Systems Global is an established, worldwide provider of multi-vendor, multi-technology IT service solutions covering the complete lifecycle of installed-based enterprise hardware. Established in 1989 and headquartered in the UK, Solid Systems Global has international reach through its regional offices in strategic countries and over 110 service locations across 6 continents. Our international management team collaborates to deliver support solutions customised to meet each customer’s and countries unique requirements.

“Solid Systems Global mission is to provide flexible and cost effective multi-vendor enterprise hardware support solutions to our customers worldwide.”

“Our vision is constantly setting a benchmark for being an unsurpassed global independent service provider of choice.”



We offer multiple options to better match your needs: predictive and proactive hardware monitoring, enhanced systems monitoring, fully

managed environment services and prepackaged service configurations targeting specific IT needs:

ProAct CARE Monitoring: Remote monitoring and alerting on essential hardware health.
ProAct CARE Monitoring Plus: Monitoring and alerting on hardware conditions as well as OS and application performance condition alerting.
ProAct CARE Remediation: Monitoring + Management – full management of entire IT operations. As part of this service, alerts are monitored, reviewed and remediated; you are continuously updated on IT Infrastructure status.

With Solid Systems Global, you have complete control over the equipment and tasks being managed. The flexibility and granular level of our service delivery methodology provides important business advantages including:

End-to-end problem and Incident Management
Performance Reporting
Robust and Rigorous Change Management
Continuous Improvement
Enhanced IT Infrastructure Performance
Primary or Supplementary NOC Capabilities
Full Suite of Customizable Services
Professional Services

Parts & Brokerage Services

Supplying them globally – delivering them locally
Parts Only

Sourcing parts when they’re urgently required can prove expensive and time consuming. Who do you trust? Have they got the part in stock? What about shipping times to your location? These are just some of the imponderable questions facing IT operational leaders. That’s where Solid Systems Global comes in!

We support more than 30,000 infrastructures globally, delivering parts and equipment to more than 110 countries across 6 continents. What’s more, our parts stocking capability enables a 4 hour on-site availability, globally. If you require an on-site `spares kit’ for instant availability; we’ll provide that and ensure it contains a multiple of each item considered to be of benefit to service your hardware requirements.

Our knowledge of hardware failure rates is a key factor in determining planned target stock levels to support a given installed location. Our procurement and logistics teams have numerous years experience specialising in supplying hardware parts globally. We’ll ensure the right parts are available for you on time, each time, allowing you to eliminate expensive stock overheads and reducing your administrative costs.

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