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Sandor Life Sciences Pvt Ltd. is a service provider in Life sciences and offer services in Medical Genetics, Cellular Biology, Proteomics, Genomics, and Animal Biotechnology etc. The division of Medical genetics is established with the training of staff in different international medical labs like Erasmus Medical Centre (Netherlands), for LSD’s, Amsterdam Medical centre (Netherlands), Shimani University (Japan) . This division offers services in prenatal and post natal workup of organic acidurias, aminoacidopathies, lysosomal storage disorders, peroxisomal disorders and all other single gene disorders and chromosomal disorders. To meet the global standards and assured quality testing, the laboratory follows strict quality control measures and therefore, participates in external quality assurance programmes offered by the European Research Network for evaluation and improvement of screening, Diagnosis and treatment of inherited disorders of metabolism (ERNDIM).

The genomics division, which is the only certified service provider of Illumina in India, offer services of high throughput genotyping, gene expression and sequencing. Sandor Life Sciences also provides Bio repository services following standard protocols for inventory and tracking solutions.

The animal biotechnology division is focusing on diagnostic services pertaining to selection of cattle/buffalos without infertility and genetic disorders. This division receives blood samples from Animal Husbandry departments and dairy cooperatives.

The company is also provider of trained scientists and research assistants to Centre for DNA finger, a premier Institute of DBT.

Sandor Life Sciences is DSIR recognised company and hence is actively involved in research funded by different agencies like ICMR and DBT etc. Sandor Life Sciences has expertise in solving the regulatory challenges for pharmaceutical and diagnostic companies and therefore provides consultancy services and turnkey solutions in the area of regulatory affairs governing biotechnology products in India. Sandor Life Sciences is fully equipped with new generation equipment and managed by the highly qualified, inventive and trained scientific staff and many of them earlier worked in laboratories of the international repute like, University of Guelph for Animal genetics, State University of New York , Colorado University and State University of Albany.

Currently, there are 73 employees with post graduate, doctorate and post doctorate qualifications from various universities.



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