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Company Profile

Ruchika Blister & Boxes is one of the renowned firms, offering creative and innovative packaging solutions to the clients present all over the country. With over 30 years of experience, we manufacture and supply complete range of packaging materials such as Blister Packs, Acetate Boxes, Soft PVC Pouches & Corrugated Boxes. We have developed an insight to our customer’s packaging needs and zeal to meet and strive to exceed our customer’s expectations every time. Conversant with the modern technology, our company is committed to deliver the quality Packaging and other products with acute sense of responsibility.

The company was initiated in the year 1981 in Delhi (India). Since, its inception, the company has created several benchmarks for itself in the world of Packaging Industry. The company has proved its mettle under the leadership of Mr. Dinesh Goel, who has 35 years of industrial expertise as a Plastic and Packaging Expert.

Over 30 years in the business of customer service, Ruchika Group of Industries has gained a wide and deep experience in the packaging industry, as a whole. Continuous development in our technology and customer focus provided us the lead and exposure to a range of packaging, products and clients.

During our long standing in the industry we have had exposure to many products and a variety of packaging. This allows us to undertake best designing of the packaging of a product. So far we have packed everything from combs to shoe accessories, from metallic hand tools to razors and toothbrushes, writing instruments to toys & games, pharmaceutical & edible products to motor & auto parts and sophisticated watch components & glass bulbs to hardware goods, etc.

With our continued commitment to quality, supported by our regular research and development, the quality of our job is beyond what our competitors provide. The wide range of our blue chip clients might convey that ‘Quality is how we do Business’.

The Ruchika Group of Industries today comprises of four major production units across the country, undertaking manufacture of blisters and conducting other contractual jobs. These units are highly capacitated to meet the requirements of our various clients and are being upgraded from time-to-time to keep up with the growing needs of our new and existing clients.

Ruchika caters to the complete packaging needs of the clients, starting from its designing to providing the packaging material and till the final packing of the product and its dispatch to the distribution centers. Therefore the customers need ‘no running around’ for the various parts of the whole packaging process. Since the entire process, is handled by the same team, the synergies of ‘Synchronized Working’ are achieved. This saves multiple wastages of time and material thereby reducing the development and production timeframes and brings economy of operation.

We have a deep commitment to the Environment, where

We have a running 'Save paper, save Trees' Campaign.
Emphasis on 'Energy Saving' & use of 'Energy Efficient Technology'
100% recycling of all Raw Material Scraps, Paper & Plastic
We Promote PET Film, which is environment Friendly.



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