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RNA is a prominent intellectual property (IP) law firm in India with its offices in the National Capital Region (Gurgaon) and Chennai. It was established in the year 2004 with the objective of providing pragmatic and cost effective solutions to legal problems in relation to protection, enforcement and commercialization of IP rights.

RNA provides the full range of IP legal and consultancy services, both contentious and non-contentious to a vast pool of clients from major multi-national IP owners and users to start-up businesses and individuals alike. We manage substantial enforcement and IP registration work in Bangladesh, Pakistan, Nepal, Bhutan, Sri Lanka and Maldives. Our extensive IP experience and close relationships with local lawyers and investigators enables us to take effective action in these jurisdictions.

Our seamless multi-disciplinary teams which are made up of Lawyers, Researchers, Patent and Trademark Agents, Paralegals and IP investigators have expertise and experience in the development and implementation of enforcement programmes; filling and prosecution of trademark, copyright, design, patent applications; and various other aspects of IP management including due diligenc



Brands and trademarks are an integral part of any business – very often they will be among a business’s most valuable assets. They enable the business to distinguish itself from its competitors, and its products and services from those of its competitors. Obtaining adequate and effective trademark protection, and taking appropriate steps to prevent unauthorised use, is crucial.


Patents give the patentee the exclusive right to use, and license others to use, the patented invention. They also encourage innovation and attract investment in a wide range of areas, including high risk research. Our specialised patent attorneys and patent lawyers, all with technical backgrounds, aim to bridge the gap between science, law and business.


Designs have become an important part of brand identity : it is product design that often drives consumer choice. India’s Industrial Design Law makes provision for the registration and protection of new designs. Design registration gives the proprietor the exclusive right to apply the design to articles in the class in which the design has been registered.


Copyright is a right given by law to creators of original literary, dramatic, musical and artistic works and producers of cinematographic films and sound recordings. The statutory protection under the Copyright Act gives the copyright owner a number of exclusive rights including the exclusive right to reproduce the work.

IP Investigations, Enforcement & Border Control

As the global economy develops, Intellectual Property theft is escalating and becoming increasingly sophisticated. In order to tackle the problem, IP owners need both access to detailed and reliable information and the ability to track infringing activity to its source including identifying intermediaries in the distribution chain. The scope of our IP investigations is global and the quality of our reporting world class.

Geographical Indication

India has an official, searchable, Geographical Indication Register. The Register can be searched to ascertain whether or not the intended Geographical Indication has already been registered. In addition to searches of the Register, we conduct common law searches which include searches of the internet, trade directories and publications, and market surveys, to ascertain whether or not the Geographical Indication is being used by any third party. We report on the search results and provide you with our assessment of the position and any risk involved. Where the search indicates that the Geographical Indication is available for use, we advise that application for registration be made immediately. Official website for Geographical Indication of India.

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