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Redixbit Software Technologies & Solution,
is a highly quality customize website, customize software and smartphone application development center operating in the India. Our highly trained professional developer focus on security first. Redixbit is always there to provide any help and valuable advice our client may need when it comes for development. We treat our clients as our possessing partners, so they decide how extensive our services should be.
The purpose of our is to provide our quality product at the lowest cost with the best services in the information technologies field, while ensuring good values and commitment that build long-term client relationships. We are able to achieve this by providing a trained dedicated staff, complete services and immediate access to us any moment our clients need.
Our main strong points are the expertise and experience of our developers IT industry. While our major focus is to respond the needs of our clients. our client satisfaction is our number one priority. We give them straight answers and unbiased opinions. We always know how to solve the task you either can't cope with or don't desire to. We'll be happy, if you supply us with valuable suggestions that will make our experience pleasurable.
Why we are different ? Our client focused approach to application of our expertise, ensures that the solutions we deliver are aligned with your organisations' strategic aims and fully meets your needs. The possibilities are endless. We simply present you with solutions, using the knowledge we have acquired. This way of thinking not only means we are maximizing the value we deliver to our clients, but it also allows us to attract the top experts in the industry to work at Redixbit. Our passion for continuous improvement and collaboration, combined with our high standards and experience, makes us a company that can adapt around the specific needs of very different clients. We like to say "Redixbit is a different kind of development centre" because the truth is... we are.
We are expert in field of website development like Dynamic, Content management sites, eCommerce, Blogging, Informational, Online Business, search engine optimization and in the field of smartphone application for iPhone, iPad, iPad,iPad-mini, android, tablet, windows phone and blackberry. We also work on open source technologies such as PHP and Java.