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Having operational since 1979 in Business of Mechanical Services in India coupled with high safety standards observation, we are formidable player.”

With operations spread across India, Radiant provides Mechanical Services – Shutdown, EPC Projects and Manufacturing of Equipments in Oil & Gas, Fertilizer, Power and other core sectors.

Further, Radiant is today a multiple service provider under single roof / window encompassing all services required during plant shutdowns.

The expanding list of satisfied clients reflects our ability to execute challenging projects, despite all odds. Difficult weather or terrain has been no deterrent to our team which has delivered consistently and brought accolades to the company. The high percentage of repeat orders stand testimony to this.

Our ability to manage operations in diverse industries and states, coupled with our track record in mobilizing financial, material and human resources, makes us the preferred contractor for critical projects.

Our adequate quantities of tools an d tackles and equipments including Hydraulic Bundle Pullers, Torque Tools & Bolt Tensioners, High Pressure Hydroblasting systems and Fabrication Workshop , gives us a competitive edge over our competitors. Our central workshop and equipment maintenance yard in Baroda ensure minimal downtime on all projects. Our multi-skilled, multi-cultural and highly adaptable workforce is capable of handling multiple complex projects across India.


Shutdown Services

Heat Exchangers Manual cleaning, Hydro jetting, Turbining of Heat Exchanger Tubes, Cleaning of complete Heat Exchanger & Hydro testing Retubing of Heat Exchangers We carryout retubing at client’s site and also at our works as per requirement of client. This work is undertaken using latest tools like tube pullers, expanders etc. Columns Removal of Trays, Packing, Bubble caps, Packing rings of column-mechanical cleaning of internal wall of column with hand tools, Pneumatic & electrical tools, cleaning of internals, Repairing of Trays, Re-box up of Trays, loading of packing rings in column and Hydro test of column. Pressure Vessel & Spheres Cleaning and Hydro testing of all type of vessels, tanks, spheres, agitators. Furnace / Heaters Repairs and Replacement of damaged tubes / coils, refractory works, cleaning and boxup. Reactors Opening, Cleaning, Replacements and Unloading, Loading of Catalyst, Cleaning, Hydro testing in Reactor, Grit blasting Catalyst charging and complete management of various Catalyst. Valves Overhauling of all types of valves like Gate/Globe Valve, N.R.V., Control Valve and Safety valve etc Piping Jobs Fabrication and Erection of all types C.S, S.S, alloy steel, Cladded material. Flare Tips Replacement and Repairing of flare stacks. Boilers Maintenance and overhauling of Boilers and Heaters. We are IBR certified to carryout said works.

Project Services

EPC Project Execution From concept to commissioning of green field projects in Oil, Gas, Petrochemical, Fertilizer, Power and allied core sectors served on turnkey basis. Hydrocarbon Gas Processing Facilities – on and off plot, Facilities construction including Tankages, Fabrication and Installation of onshore Structure, Pipeline, Flow line and repair, QA / QC including NDT . LPG Plant, Petrochemical plant, Pump station. Etc. Power Power generation system, Power Plant facilities, sub Station, Fire fighting & fire alarm system. Infrastructure (MEP) Heating, Ventilation & Airconditioning( HVAC), Desalination & RO Plants, Fire Fighting & Fire Alarm systems ( Sprinklers, Fire protection, Co2, Halogen, FM – 200 Security & Surveillance System, Electrification etc. Planning & Scheduling Capabilities We use industry standard software such as Primavera Project Planner ( P3/ P6) for Windows, Microsoft Excel MS Project for its planning and scheduling requirements. These tools are extensively used by us to facilitate data processing and graphic presentations for its project monitoring and updating like S Curves, Histogram, Bar Chart, Gantt charts for periodical monitoring and timely execution of the projects as per schedule stipulated in the Projects. Project Planning, Progress Measurement and Reporting The planning system to be employed is based on a Critical Path Method ( CPM) algorithm to build a network that shows when each activity should be scheduled based on dependencies identified between those activities. The Network will be updated regularly, checking completion dates and key project milestones. This will highlight any problem that might require rectification. Project Quality Management System We have established procedures covering all project quality requirements to comply with the requirements of ( ISO 9001 : 2000 & ISO 19011:2002 ) Standard and to guarantee the effectiveness of our Quality Management System. SHES – Safety, Health, Environment and Security Our policy is vigorously supported by the management committee and all personnel are fully committed to ensure that the policy is implemented Safety, Health, Environment and Security requirements are fully complied with during the execution of all projects. Safety is our foremost priority and there is no Holiday for Safety for our Projects

Hydro Blasting

NLB Hydro Blaster 20305 D - Diesel Engine drive (300 HP) - 20,000 to 40,000 Psi Working Pressure - 87 LPM Flow NLB Hydro Blaster 20225 E - Electric Motor Driven (250 HP) - 20,000 to 40,000 Psi Working Pressure - 75 LPM Flow - Safe for working in Zone 1 Radiant Hydro Blaster 15K - Field proven design - Electric motor drive (150 HP) - 15,000 Psi Working Pressure - 62 LPM Flow Foot Control Valve When an operator has both hands busy (While Cleaning tubes and pipes, for example) a foot control valve lets him control the water flow. - Dual Pump Ports : increased stability in dump mode. - Foot Pedal : minimal pressure , instant dump when released. H.P Gun The Ultimate in Operator Protection. - Requires two hands on the lance during operations - Can be forced in to dump mode with either trigger

Bundle Pulling Services

Technical Details “ We provide Bundle Pulling Services using sophisticated method using Aerial Bundle Pullers of renowned brand. We have one of the largest fleet of these machines in India. “ The Aerial tube bundle extractor is suitable for use on all Plate and Tube Heat Exchangers up to 2.0 mtr. Diameter and maximum bundle weight of 60 T at 8mtr length. The Aerial Tube Bundle extractor uses a special lifting frame, which is constructed in such a way that it has a maximum reach into the construction. The load is trimmed using an Aerial balancing Cylinder which makes it also easy to off load the bundles when the extractor is putdown on the ground. Due to the use of a pulley hook mechanism and 2 butt plates which are clamped against the extractors shell, the massive power of 50,000 kgs. Is compensated against the shell flange not against the structure.

Hydraulics & BoltingServices

Flange Facing : We are providing Imported hydraulic Machines for machining of Flanges from 6” to 108” OD Pipe Cutting & Beveling : For pipe cutting and Beveling activities , We have equipments which can handle pipes from 6” to 48” Boring : For Boring activities , We have Hydraulic equipments which can handle Diameters from 6” to 48” Nut Splitter

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