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In all cases we endeavour to offer a service tailored to meet our clients’ needs.

This does not mean that every solution is built from the ground up but is based on a number of tried and tested processes using a highly trained and extremely experienced team dedicated to getting the job done right.

To this end, our account team are a definitive part of our pitch process which means that come project kick off they are already well versed in the requirements of the work and have, on most occasions, already met and worked with the end client. This approach promotes understanding and allows us to ensure that the “chemistry” is right. At the kick off of any project our first step is to increase our understanding of requirements by creating a detailed working brief which is signed off by the client. This ensures that all processes and reports are tailored towards a successful outcome and, with increasingly aggressive timescales, that no time is lost through misunderstandings.

During any project all reporting is tailored towards providing record level audit trails and is built from a standard MI suite that shows key information on documents received, items captured, records validated and data quality.

We also understand that speed, economy and efficiency are nothing without quality. Therefore, all of our data capture operatives undergo an intensive 6 week training course that covers the use of our bespoke data capture software and extends to UK geography and names - because we believe that to really be able to capture data you must understand it, and be able to interpret it.

Continual quality is also a must so each team member is tested on a weekly basis and all employees are appraised annually. Our operators, team leaders and floor managers are incentivised for data quality & accuracy – further promoting good results. After 6 months of employment Puma Source also provides health and accident insurance for its data capture operatives – something very rare in our industry – which promotes longevity and ensures that our most experienced and skilled operators stay with us.

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Mohali,Sahibzada Ajit Singh Nagar,Punjab,India

0 to 2 Years

Mohali,Sahibzada Ajit Singh Nagar,Punjab,India