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Horizon BPO, incorporated in 2000, serves the US Healthcare Industry. It manages a wide range of back-office operations for its offshore clients ranging from large hospitals to multispecialty clinics, including Ambulatory Surgery Centers and Anesthesia Providers, throughout the United States.

Leaving out no piece uncovered, we provide our clients an orderly plenary gamut of Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) services embracing Medical Transcription (MT), Medical Coding, Medical Billing, and Accounts Receivable (AR), as our core services, and Business Intelligence (BI), driven by our Six Sigma experts, as our services that are complementary with a view to enabling our clients to analyze their metrics, offset their gaps, reduce their cycle time, improve their processes, and at the end of the day enhance their profits.

We provide specialized services through the unique team of industry-experts, individuals. We assure delivery with best quality paired with supporting services and better economics. Some key features of our services are as below:

· Transcription completed within 24 hours of surgery dictation

· Coding completed within 48 hours of surgery dictation

· 99.5% accuracy in coding

· Ongoing internal quality checks

· External quality audits and certification by an independent outside auditing organization

· Claims electronically billed 48 hours from date of receipt

· Denial Rate < 2%

· 90% of contractual adjustment posted within 7 days of billed date

· AR Days of 20-35 days

· Calls answered within 30 seconds, over 90% first call resolution

· Outbound calls 6 days per week

Horizon always strives for perfection through continuous education, training, and being updated on all US government and payer regulations. Necessary certifications and courses are conducted by the company, which enable employees to be abreast of the latest guidelines. We operate from our well-equipped services centers in Noida and Gurgaon. Our offices are well armed for both production and communication systems with the latest in technology. We deploy a cadre of highly skilled and trained professionals across all the verticals, i.e., Medical Transcription, Medical Coding, Medical Billing, and AR, to ensure that we take best possible care of our clients’ needs while our clients concentrate mainly on their patients’ care.

We comply with the guidelines issued by “The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996” (HIPAA) and are vigilant of our clients’ data being accessed by any unauthorized person in and outside of our company. To ensure this, we conduct employee trainings on HIPAA compliance and enter into a confidentiality agreement.

Horizon promotes congenial and employee-centric workplace ambiance. At Horizon, employees form the nucleus of its philosophy for excellence in services. We have well-documented workflow processes for every process in place that act as the next layer around this nucleus ensuring eventually sheer excellence in processes and quality of work and turnaround times.

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