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Company Profile

Petrixo Oil and Gas Company, the main player in Petrixo group, has expanded with additional activities in Oil & Gas and Energy.

With the commitment to excellence and extensive global experience, we are a fully integrated Oil and Gas Group, accumulating a decade of operations, investments and partnerships in the Oil and Gas sectors as well as in commodities.

The company exists under the laws of Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Headquartered in Dubai, and operating along with an excess of 20 affiliated companies, At Petrixo, we are dealing in 4 continents, operating in more than 25 nations, accumulating our endeavors to keep the name "Petrixo" as a meaning of "Commitment and Success". Because of our dedication and passion under this kind of business approach, we tend to establish a successful oil and gas company that can suffice the need of our clients.

The greatest affiliated partner to achieve this success by joining Petrixo operations is Petrixo General Trading that also exists under the laws of Dubai, UAE. This renowned company is an expert when it comes to the fields of trading, marketing, manufacturing and investments, distribution and production related to commodities.

A fraction of our main objective is not only centered on the profit we will be able to gain, but more on the satisfaction we can provide to our clients. Another valuable partner of the group is PetrixoNeftegaz, which is an affiliated company following up the processing activities of the crude oil in Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan and Baltic Sea area.

Our total workforce stands at approximately 2,000. Each and every personnel contributes to the group buildup. With collaboration and cooperation with valuable partners, we are proud and dedicated to serve the industry at national and global level. Petrixo had supported and marketed its brand name at the global level, through its successful activities, products and sponsored facilities. As the energy demand accelerates, our valuable patrons look for effective use and greater efficiency of their assets. We continue to strive every day for the development and integration of the Petrixo.

Petrixo Group has been awarded as 'Best Fully Integrated Oil & Gas Company – Middle East' in 2011 by World Finance.