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NOVA fully understands and appreciates that Real Estate is one of the key drivers of our economy. But sadly, only a few real estate organisations have the professional, technical and emotional bandwidth, to cater to valued customers. We at NOVA are aware of the obvious fact that real estate investment is the largest investment in any Indian citizen’s life. The reason why, it has to be the safest, most durable and should have the highest happiness quotient. We at NOVA honestly take pride in offering such a valuable experience to each one of our customers.

Offering each one of our customers such an experience is not something that each one of us have learnt or mastered over night. It’s decades of hardwork and dedication that we have put in at many real estate firms. Some, learnt by doing it right. And some, learnt by mistakes. In fact, the collective experience of our senior team is in excess of 70 man Years.

Each one of us at NOVA believe that marketing and selling a good home is only the last mile in the entire process. In fact it takes care of itself if the complete homework and research is done on the offering at various stages. Thoroughly and painstakingly going through the Title Deeds to finding an uncompromising partner and supplier to paying a premium for premium products to absorbing
the hassle of processes to ourselves… All just to give you a pleasant experience from calling to buying to living.

But then again, all of what we have said could be just promise on paper if we don’t deliver.

Fortunately, we have a chance to make our actions speak. And that’s the real NOVA promise.

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