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Company Profile

The company was established in 1953 at Delhi by Major A. N. Talwar, soon after the World War II and the independence of India. NITCO is a name synonymous with quality. Today it is the largest manufacturer of Terrazzo tiles in Asia with factories located at New Delhi, Noida, Mumbai, Hyderabad and Bangalore, and is one of the leading companies in building materials industry. The group has a combined monthly production in excess of 1 million sft. Nitco Tiles have been used in 90% of the Embassy buildings and Five-Star hotels, hospitals, luxury resorts, commercial & residential complexes.

Futuristic, innovative, edgy, bespoke, planet friendly and exciting is the words used by our customers to describe our products.

Nitco Tiles have been used in a number of prestigious projects internationally. Abu Dhabi International Airport designed by world famous architectural firm, Airport de Paris and Palaces of His Royal Highness Sultan Caboos of Oman are a few of the many edifices. Hotel Bardessono, Yountville California, Fan Pier Boston & many others. NITCO's high-end luxury projects include: Hotel Raas Haveli, Jodhpur, Aman Resorts in Bhutan & India, Taj Palace, Hyatt Regency, ITC Sheraton BMW & Toyota Showrooms AIIMS Hospital, Delhi, Apollo Hospital, Hyderabad, Palika Parking, New Delhi and Delhi Metro amongst others.

Nitco collaborated in 1992 with Figaia spa Italy one of the oldest marble quarrying companies in Italy for quarrying marble in India.

Nitco collaborated with Formglas Canada in 2014. It is a leading manufacturer of Glass Fibre Reinforced Molded architectural products.



Terrazzo is derived from the Italian word "terraces"Itshou. It was first produced in Europe in 'Terrazzo' a scenic township in northern Italy near Venice in the 15th century. It is 'the original' recyled product. Venetian workers discovered a new use for waste marble from tens of thousands of marble statues & construction projects undertaken in that period. Initially clay was used as a binder and the surface was rubbed with stone. Goat milk was the original colour enhancer and sealer. Terrazzo is a mixture consisting of crushed mother of pearl, mirror , marble , quartz , granite , glass , with cement as a binder and other proprietary chemicals & pigments. It is available poured in place or precast. The beauty and versatility of terrazzo offers today's architects/designers a contemporary floorig and wall material for interior and exterior design use. The diversity in end uses for terrazzo is amazing. Outdoor applications, include vertical fixtures, street furniture, terrace surfaces and sculptures. For interiors it can be used for floor , walls , countertops , washbasins , tubs ; complete bathroom spaces. Today , terrazzo continues to provide environmentally friendly , durable , low maintenance , surfaces typically lasting the life of the building.


The Ancient Romans widely used concrete technology during the Roman Empire. The colosseum is substantially built with concrete.The Babylonians & Assyrians used clay as the binder & the Egyptians used lime & gypsum.Modern concrete uses Hydraulic cement which was invented by British Engineer John Smeaton in 1756 & in 1824 Joseph Aspdin invented Portland cement. Concrete is a mixture of cement as a binder for fine and coarse aggregates water , specialty chemicals and pigments.It is an extraordinary material to express a fusion of art and craft. It is mouldable, flexible and sculptural and can be shaped from a paste to 3-D shapes. It is earthy, contemporary, minimalistic and chic. Concrete is available both poured in place and precast. Complete design flexibility allows the craftsman to produce stunning floors, walls, furniture, sanitaryware and objects of art.


Nitco range of Washbasins comes in variety of material, shape, colors and sizes. We offer custom and standard designs of concrete, terrazzo, stone and mosaico washbasins.

Natural Stone

Nitco has built a reputation of excellence as a commercial manufacturer and quarry owner for natural stone, terrazzo and concrete flooring production. Utilizing state-of-the-art technologies, we are able to supply both the residential and commercial markets with custom stone fabrication and creative art designs.

Hand Crafted

Nitco handcrafted collection gives you a tocuh of royal living. It is keeping alive the centuries old rich traditional art of India. It includes stone mosaico, glass mosaico, metal tiles & cork mosaico.

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