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We are a team of core professionals from the field of Information Technology (IT). We are a team of best designers, developers, testers and marketers. We are a one stop solution to your online business requirements. Right from the moment we first greet you on call, we take your business seriously. Through our customized online solutions, we take the responsibility of taking your business to new heights.
Our company “Neurons- IT” is in the business of designing, developing and online marketing since 2012. In three years, numerous national and international clients have benefited with our fully functional website solutions. We know what it takes for a business to be the best and so we are reliable, ambitious, transparent and also 24*7 available for our clients. Our trainers also train and guide our clients towards the remarkable solutions to boost the online presence.
We think with a focus on customer orientation and we work with a focus on solution orientation.



Web design: Great services start from a great display. The display medium for services these days is a “website”. A typical visitor stops and pay attention to the website which has a visual appeal. To design a website which is attractive and yet professional requires careful thinking and meticulous planning. While everyone knows that one can showcase all your offerings in the website and also websites promote the business, not many can differentiate between a good and a bad website. Our experts can tell the difference and can provide you with the best website designs. A good website must have the following features: 1. Attractive and Professional Look. 2. Consistent Navigation Structure. 3. Quick Download Speed. 4. SEO Friendly. 5. Minimum Utilization of Server Space. 6. An image which leaves a lasting impression in the eyes of visitors.. We focus on the significant errands and design the most appropriate websites which incorporate the above and many more features to make your website stand above the competition.


Logo helps the customers to recognize and connect with the brand. From website to the company’s, its visiting card to its newsletters, logo is visible everywhere. A well designed logo leaves a lasting impact in the memory of customers. Logo sells the brand. Yet, a logo is considered to be a mere symbol and is highly undervalued by many companies who ask for a quick logo design. However; to design a new website and to make changes in an existing website is easier than to design or change the logo. Customers recognise the brand with the help of logo. For an example, companies like Apple Adidas, McDonalds and many more have a great logo design. We understand the importance of a good logo and so we believe in designing the logo which gives your business a recognizable occurrence. We design creative and unique logos. You can contact us for following types of Logos for your business or website: 1. Symbol: Logos that form an abstract image of the brand. 2. Word Mark : Logo that spell the brand name 3. Letter Mark: Logos that incorporates the brand initials. We help you create loyal customers through memorable logo designs.


Software is a source which automates your business to a great extent and also helps any business to work best for internal and external stakeholders. Automation by software development helps to increase the productivity with minimum efforts. The success of software depends on its visual interface which can work well with in the hardware and infrastructure constraints. To develop robust and secure software is a daunting task and in order to achieve the success rate, it has to be approached in a logical way. Our developers are well known with the programming languages and their utilisation for execution of codes. They are updated with the latest frameworks and technologies. Our developers understand the changing trends of IT world and can adapt the programming abilities to fit the purpose. With the help of modern software designing techniques, tools and methodologies, we develop the software which fulfils the following criteria’s: 1. Security. 2. Usability. 3. Maintainability. 4. Testability. 5. Performance Our software builds the solutions which fix or improve the existing solutions.


The term SEO is as common these days as Google. The competition among online businesses is to gain number 1 position in Google ranking which is not possible without excellent Optimization efforts. SEO or Search Engine Optimization aligns your website to the recommendations of search engine. The purpose of alignment is to increase your websites visibility and hence the traffic from the search engine results. Strong SEO practices help the business rise through the search engine ranks. The most common techniques in SEO are to place the Keywords, Meta tags, content intelligently in the website. Although it might seem easy to choose the keywords or write the content however; in real the task require considerable thinking and efforts. Search engine algorithms are very strong. They cannot be fooled by deliberate errors such as duplicity. Efforts can help or hurt the rankings. In order to help the ranking, you must consider the professional SEO services. Our experts in SEO provide the services as: 1 Creation of Shareable Content: We provide the text and tutorial content to promote your business. 2. Creation of Visual aids: We make the YouTube videos which are fun to watch and share. Our videos focus on the offerings of your company. 3. Blogging: Our blogs break down the mystery wall between customers and business. We promote your services through blogs. The content, videos and blogs are linked to your website and social media pages which increases the traffic and thus improves the sales.


Smartphone without mobile application is like a vehicle without fuel. Mobile application started in 2008 as a way to increase the general productivity. By 2015 the android applications have become indispensable for mobiles. According to financial analysis the mobile applications create revenue of more than $10 billion every year and with the ever increasing demand of android applications, the revenue is expected to increase. Since the processors of mobiles are less powerful than the processors of computers, so developing an android or!-phone application for mobiles require attention to details. The mobile application development costs large funds, even a single mistake can ruin the project and it can also have a negative impact on the business. An outdated application can harm the business reputation. We follow the latest trend in mobile applications ((Android and!-Phone) and with utmost care develop the android applications for: 1. Mobile Commerce 2. Social Networking 3. Online Payment Gateway 4. Gaming Wizard 5. Contest Based Applications We help you build the android application that is scalable and robust and beat the competition in the market.

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