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Company Profile

Aatapaha (‘sunlight’ in Sanskrit) is a flagship lighting and automation brand of Polypack. Traditionally a manufacturer of PVC pipes it commenced operation in the lighting industry in the year 2011. Aatapaha is spearheaded by Aman Chawla. He and his team of devoted individuals that have set benchmarks in the LED lighting space over the years and are now set to make an impact in the automation space as well. Aatapaha Automation Division
Aatapaha entered the automation industry with its street light automation product in 2014. It started with a proof of concept in the city of Vishakhapatnam just after the city experienced one of its worst ever cyclone, Hudhud in 2014. Aatapaha took that experience forward into CCMS projects in Aligarh and Shimla, to become one of the first company’s in India to supply and execute street light automation controllers for LED street light. These projects come under the purview of EESL (Energy Efficiency Services Limited).

Aatapaha Lighting Division
India is facing a tremendous energy shortage. More energy efficient products are the need of the hour, in all spheres. Lighting contributes about 1/3rd of the total energy consumed in India. Therefore even a small change inthis segment would mean a lot of energy is saved.
LED lights consume very less energy compared to the other common sources of light such as CFL (50% saving), incandescent (80% saving), halogen (88% saving). All this saving would mean that the available energy will then be used to light a large number of villages, towns and cities that suffer from frequent power outages.With this in mind, in 2011, the company established an LED light manufacturing premises Aatapaha that caters to both indoor and outdoor lighting applications and to customers belonging to various sectors such as domestic, commercial, industrial and government. In 2012 Aatapaha setup a design centre to develop new and innovative designs for future LED lights. Today Aatapaha LED lights are considered amongst the highest rated LED lights in terms of quality and specifications in the retail market.