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Company Profile

The National Agricultural Development Company (NADEC) is one of the largest agricultural and food-processing share stock companies in the Middle East and North Africa. Established in 1981 by royal decree, it is a joint stock public company – 20% owned by the Government, with the rest publicly traded on the Saudi Stock Exchange. It is one of the very few and largest vertically integrated dairy businesses in the world.

NADEC provides the tastiest, finest and healthiest nutritional products through two key businesses – NADEC Foods for consumer products and NADEC Agriculture for agricultural produce.

Today, NADEC is one of the leading food, dairy and beverage companies in the region. Placing family health and well-being at the heart of every endeavour, NADEC is committed to quality excellence. The company is constantly evolving to satisfy the growing demands of every consumer. It offers more than 100 products from fresh milk to laban, from yoghurt to cheese, and a wide range of fruit juices in convenient formats to address different occasions and consumer needs.

NADEC’s dairy farms are well equipped with the latest technology and milking parlours to allow for very efficient and smooth milking processes to ensure the highest quality of dairy products. There are six dairy farms that host approximately 60,000 cows and two processing plants that produce over 1.5 million litres of milk per day.

The labs at NADEC are equipped with the latest technology and are managed by nutritional and quality experts who implement the best diagnostic procedures and processes to ensure the highest quality standards are met. Over 2,000 tests are performed daily to comply with international quality standards. As a result, the company has been awarded many national and international certificates for the quality of its products, processes and hygiene standards.

To ensure NADEC continues to develop innovative, high quality, good value for money products that satisfy its consumers’ needs, NADEC is committed to recruiting the best people, training and developing them and utilising state-of-the-art technology and best practices to stay at the fore front of the industry.
NADEC Agriculture

Agricultural production is one of the most important activities in the company and dovetails with the Kingdom’s aim of increasing food self-sufficiency and less reliance on imports. The agricultural part of the business provides a range of different products; from onions, potatoes and fruits to olives, wheat, corn and alfalfa, as well as other nutritional animal fodder which is used to feed the dairy cows on the farms.

Fruits include peaches, apricots and plums, whereas vegetables comprise of potatoes, onions and tomatoes. Other crops such as wheat, clover, shami corn and Rhodes grass are grown on thousands of acres of land across four major projects in Haradh, Wadi Al-Dawasser, Hail and Al Jouf.

NADEC Agriculture uses the latest technology and farming practices to grow the best quality food and crops including using state-of-the-art systems such as the DACOM system for the rationalisation of irrigation water. This system measures the rate of moisture and heat in the soil and uses intricate measurement techniques to control the amount of water released to the plants so it minimises water wastage.

As a result of implementing best practice farming from around the world, the company has had many successes and been presented with several internationally accreditation certificates for farming and quality of produce.

Through its economic development projects across the Kingdom, NADEC aims to reduce imports, increase dependability on the national economy and encourage the contribution of the agricultural sector for the Kingdom’s future sustainability.



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