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For any organization recruitment can be very expensive and the amount of work involved would be exhaustive. When companies use placement consultant they are usually paying anywhere between 8.33% to 15% on the candidates salary this depending on the role ,nature of job , level of seniority, experience and most of all the skill sets. Companies tend to carry out the tedious process to advertise on multiple job boards, logins to database, sift through all CV's and interview them. But not anymore, as Multi Recruit has the solution for this.

Multi Recruit provides you with prepaid fixed low cost recruitment solutions for any vacancy in any sector and in any location across India.

We would advertise on 20 top job boards, niche websites and social media sites & we have an extensive candidate databases. Our alternate hiring channels give us the unlimited ability to access almost every job-seeker in India, and our experienced team's knowledge will deliver only the best candidates to the companies. We offer a low risk solution for all your vacancy needs. If you are a Startup, Small Medium Business or a large corporation, and wherever you are based within India. We have four unique solutions that offer you a comprehensive choice to provide the service suited to your needs.

These options are completely customized depending on the level of our involvement in your hiring process. Our solutions are highly professional & Cost effective. We believe that if you find the same service for less, we'll make sure to either match it or give a better price.


Recruitment Agency

Multi Recruit is an education recruitment consultancy in Bangalore offering fixed low cost recruitment solutions to companies including educational sectors, finance & banking, hospitality, media & communications, Information Technology, Real Estate, etc. With the growing academic institutes is growing the need for recruitment in education sector India of quality excellence. Imparting right knowledge and skills to the young generation can guarantee the overall progress of a nation and massive economic growth. For that are required skilled resources in terms of education councilors, trainers, teachers, mentors and lecturers. In the process of proper hiring of perfect candidates, institutes are taking help from recruitment agency for education Bangalore to get the desired positions filled by appropriate resources. In the absence of a dedicated education recruitment consultancy Bangalore the companies tend to carry out the tiresome process of advertising on multiple job boards, logins to database, going through the CV's and interviewing candidates. But with education recruitment agency Bangalore like Multi Recruit, the companies can pay attention on their core operations, while the Human Resource requirements are looked after by the agency. Both the formal learning sector (Kindergarden -12 and higher education) and the informal ones (pre-schools, coaching institutions and vocational establishments) are on a path of rapid growth. Thus to cope up with this growth, educational industry requires skilled resources for each of the positions.


Multi Recruit” is the best Finance recruitment consultancy Bangalore that provides skilled and talented graduates to the organizations. Hiring is a difficult task for most of the business associations because of the time spent in advertising on the various job portals, managing the hectic recruitment process and the cost involved in selecting a job consultant to pick a suitable candidate. “Multi Recruit” has emerged as a Finance recruitment agency Bangalore, a helping hand to all the companies seeking qualified employees for its workplace. As you tell us your requirement for a particular field we provide you with a dedicated flat fee hiring consultant who will support you from start to end every time you use our services, to build a strong relationship and get to enquire about your business.

Media & Entertainment

The Rs 83, 000 crore (US$ 13.23 billion)-Indian Media & Entertainment industry is paving the way to enormous amounts of business and GDP growth. Even though the global economy is going through tough times, the Indian M&E sector is on a strong phase of growth, backed by rising consumer payments and advertising revenues across all sectors. Right from Making movies to creating an Ad or running a political campaign, the media industry is at a good growth rate.

IT recruitment agency

Multi Recruit as a recruitment for IT sector India offers skilled and eminent staff available for various categories of Businesses. Since then, we have served hundreds of companies with experienced and skilled professionals. The IT & IT enabled Service Segment has completely transformed the lives of every resident of the country. With the government allowing Special Economic Zones (SEZ’s) to be set up in every state, the boom for IT and ITES businesses has rapidly grown. Technology is evolutionary - it changes and gets better as time passes on. With the growth of the IT and ITES sector, we see that new technology provides way to new skill sets and that means employment for talented and skilled labor. Recruitment for IT & ITES segment has ever been increasing. Every year there are various programming concepts and languages introduced, methodologies, new tools, User interfaces and innovations being created. All these marvels require human expertise, talent and skill. Multi Recruit is one of the reputed IT recruitment consultancy Bangalore, Karnataka, and offers efficient services to our respected clients in this field. Our consultancy services are highly regarded by all our clients as it supports in smooth functionality of numerous operations of the organization.

Real Estate

Recruitment is a challenging job for real estate businesses and thus they look for the real estate recruitment agency in Bangalore that provides talented and eminent graduates to the companies. The time spent on advertising on different job portals, managing the complete hiring process and the total cost involved in filling a vacancy sometimes become a real headache for the businesses. Multi Recruit has emerged as real estate recruitment consultancy Bangalore, a helping hand to all the business seeking qualified employees in its workplace. As you let us know your requirement for a specific field, we support you with a dedicated flat fee recruitment solution assisting you from beginning to end every moment to build a strong bond and get to inquire about your company.


Multi Recruit is a recruitment agency for E-Commerce in Bangalore that provides eminent and experienced graduates to the business organizations. There are about 139 million internet users approximately in India with 75 billion webpage views worldwide. Indians spend 52 billion minutes using internet and last year alone, country added 16 million E-Commerce users. The E-Commerce growth in India has also been directly proportional to Internet penetration in India that is still only 8% of the country’s total population. Business organizations are investing numerous efforts to upgrade areas like logistics and the payment infrastructure. Earlier the market was skeptical to utilize credit cards for online purchases, but today with the evolution of mobile and online banking facilities E-Commerce is reaching greater heights.


Multi Recruit as a recruitment agency for hospitality in Bangalore helps you advertise, source, recruit & hire the best talent. The Hospitality & Tourism sector in India has shown significant growth in past few decades, and the country has enormous potentiality to become an efficient Hospitality service provider. Multi Recruit is the best recruitment agency for hospitality in Bangalore that provides experienced and talented graduates to the companies. As we know that there is strong growth in per capita income, with an increment in the young population coupled with different lifestyles are leading to countless expenditure on leisure and usage of hospitality services. So there are numerous vacancies in this sector.

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