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Company Profile

Metal scope, being a flagship company, with ISO 9001-2008 & CRISIL -SE 1B certification, a member of Royal Fab group which was established in the year 1989, has been promoted and headed by a technocrat entrepreneur with rich and varied experience, complemented by a highly motivated team, with sharp acumen in handling administration, human relations, R&D, engineering, quality, Projects & marketing.

The company started with the manufacture of IS Specified Flash butt steel windows , doors , Roof trusses and building accessories .We are renowned for the continuous innovation with the efforts of our dedicated team of R&D. Through the consultation with the leading architects and construction groups. Sensing the market potential for Pre-engineered building, accessories , joineries & heavy fabrication, The Royal Fab group started different verticals in the process of diversifying the manufacture and offers a Complete steel BuildingSolutions with the product line of pre-engineered building systems, roofing systems ,turbo ventilators, fire rated doors , windows ,louvers, ventilators & rolling shutter of both steel &uPVC.

Metalscope is a corporation with a clear vision of the future. From the beginning, our philosophy has concentrated on growing our business from the inside out. Through internal growth, accretive acquisitions and the astute management of assets, Metal Scope India Pvt. Ltd. has emerged as a leader of industry, with five manufacturing facilities in Pondicherry. With technology and quality being our forte,focussed emphasis is given on design and manufacturing of this product line and an established base of satisfied customers across the country has been secured.

Forging ahead, the company is prepared to benefit from a larger sales force, and customer base, broader product lines, and increased manufacturing capacity. Based on its sound growth strategy, company has compiled a superior record of revenues and earnings. We thank you for the interest in our company and invite you to learn more about our impressive derivations and growth.