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It is our immense pleasure to introduce Mahindra Services Pvt ltd as an “Executive Search House” which offers “end-to-end” placement solutions. We pay equal importance to every single candidate of ours and help them get placed in renowned and established company. But as it is, caliber and hard work of every person matter the most in his path of success.



In this rapidly growing world, India has come up with the most developed financial sectors. Banking and non banking segments are the two major divisions of this financial market. The new growth in banking services of India results in creating demand for highly potential banking professional. We as a specialised consultancy realize the actual need of banking professional and thus stand as one of the leading banking recruitment firm in India.


In today's world, India is considered as one of the best destination for outsourcing services. Rather, in the year 2010, the BPO industry became the world's largest destination for delivering fine BPO services. India's knowledge process outsourcing(KPO) services has also gained its momentum over couple of decades.


If we put our view on world economy, then we can analyse that Indian FMCG/Retail sector is the fourth largest sector which has been growing its growth phase since last few years. Indian FMCG/Retail professionals in the field of marketing are considered to be amongst the best professional with specific and effective skills.


Mahindra services offer expert consultaing services for hospitality sector and hotel management related candidates. Starting from hotels to retaurants and clubs, we arrange efficient candidates for market research, strategic business planning, project development, marketing and sales, management services etc. Along with this, we provide complete full service hotel professionals.


Imports and exports form the basics of international trade. Import is what to bring in to goods and services in to the port of a country, while export is sending of goods and services to other countries. It means an import in the receiving country is an export to the sending country. with the growing pace of international trade, the demand for import export profession also raised. We, as a consultancy are specialised in offering quality import and export professionals to our clients and also engage our candidates in well established import and export companies.


In today's world most of the technological challenges are solved by IT/ Engineering professionals. Development of new technologies, software programs etc are all in the hands of these IT Engineers. IT or information technology is a branch of engineering which is concerned with the development, management and use of computer based information systems. Thus IT sector includes software solution, hardware, IT services, engineering and R&D services.


The best part of entertainment across the whole Indian landscape is Media. With the rapid growth of this media sector, the demand for media professional talent also grew. Television, music, radio, print etc are various sectors of media which requires enornomous creative and innovative content talents.


A highly life saving sector is Pharmaceuticals, which works around the clock in saving millions of people around the world. In genuine, this sector is a combination of advance medical technology and highly talented human hands. India has come up with an increasing health awareness among its general masses these days and this is the reason, now there jas been a significant demand of pharmaceutical profession. Today Indian pharmacists have shaped their place in the global pharmaceutical industry in a much better way.

Sales & Markerting

Marketing and sales services play a crucial role in earning revenues, retaining customers and achieveing the ojectives and goals of a company. We in Mahindra services provide high class sales and marketing consultancy services. It can be rightly said that generating profits and optimizing sales and marketing costs in this highly challengeing business world, is a great task for the sales and marketing professional and many of these professional even fail to do the same many a times.

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