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Company Profile

We the Maa Kamakhya HR Consultants Private Limited is a leading Payroll Management company which caters to the human resource requirements in unskilled ,semi skilled and high skilled labour management We are in this service since the year 2002.

We are specialists in payroll outsourcing services with more than 10 years of experience .we design Payroll System According minimum wages Act and IR Management . We pride ourselves in providing our clients with a professional service. Guaranteed accuracy and highest level of confidentiality. We adopt the highest standards of professional service to recruit the best candidates which best contributes to our clients progress.

To become the first choice for the labor force and contribute to the employment of our country in accordance with our company’s vision and mission.

Our vision is to be an outsourcing company with a focus on being able to forward customer services and provide total solution to client and help them drive sustainable value with speed flexibility and ready know how. We will aggressively pursue our vision through innovation and leadership.

Maa Kamakhya Hr. consultants Goals

To develop into a leading India based consultancy organization recognized for the quality of our people and services we provide. We plan to grow over the next few years to a considerable size that offers our clients the highest capability while at the same time maintains extremely good value. As part of the plan we are committed to ensuring the work environment is a happy

Maa Kamakhya HR Consultants Private Limited believe this research is the first of its kind and we are delighted to share our findings with you so that this valuable part of our workforce can be better understood.

Our unique research reveals some interesting trends, including the fact that employers see the use of temporary workers, which is on the rise, as a long-term staffing strategy rather than a cost cutting measure. Employers also view temporary workers as integral to the success of their business and enjoy the flexibility of being able to fill short and long-term contracts at short notice. The ability to source specific skills for particular projects is also an advantage as business activity can fluctuate.

From a candidate’s perspective there are also some interesting findings and the average temporary worker profile we found was quite different from the usual perception of these workers.

The average temporary workers are almost equally men and women, predominantly aged over 30 and have a range of experience and skills to bring to the workplace. The majority of temporary workers are also interested in pursuing more work of this kind in the future, highlighting that candidates are also a driving force behind the increased use of temporary workers in the job market. They, like employers, also see the benefits of this kind of work, including the flexibility of temporary assignments, the opportunity to gain more experience and skills, and the ability to make important business contacts.

As we expect these trends to continue in the job market we hope this report will not only provide the full results of our survey but also give employers and candidates some valuable information and advice they can use.