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Company Profile

Established in 2008, Deskera is expanding rapidly by supplying firms with the BI Software and BPM tools they need to cut costs, optimize efficiency, and maximize overall performance.
More than 2000 satisfied global customers have chosen Deskera because our solutions integrate easily and link disparate legacy systems through a single interface that safeguards previous IT expenditures. Our affordable price structure and rapid implementation cycle enable us to start delivering positive ROI in weeks rather than the typical 6-12 months.

Our Strengths
Deskera’s development activities are underpinned by key internal strengths that, taken together, pose a formidable offering to our customer base. For example, our deep understanding of various industries allows us to address industry-specific problems through our products.
In addition, we have developed deep expertise in a number of technologies, including Java, .Net, xCode, Android etc. This allows us to deliver a complete, integrated and rounded solution to our customers.
The most significant of our strengths is our global network of staff. With offices in four countries and two continents, we can leverage on exceptional development talent across the world.
Our Activities
Since Deskera’s inception, our focus has been on development of web-based applications. Our approach involved developing our own platform and web toolkit framework using open source libraries. This has enabled us to deliver large projects quickly and allowed us to reduce typical project deployment times from months to weeks.
Over the years, we have diversified and added mobile development to our portfolio. Today, integrated web-based and mobile applications offer an exciting alternative to legacy enterprise systems.
For Deskera, this represents an exciting period in which to further develop growth and extend our offering to customers.
Our business has displayed sustained growth, even during tough economic climates. We have achieved this level of growth by creating value for our clients and stakeholders.

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