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Our mission is to be a one stop shop for Industrial, Construction and Marine equipment. We aim to build long term relationships with our clients on the basis of timely and quality service, professionalism and anticipating the customers’ needs.

We want to provide our clients with innovative solutions to help improve their productivity and efficiency.

We strive to develop a work environment that fosters new ideas, new innovations and growth.


Kavalani & Sons is a firm based in the Kingdom of Bahrain that supplies Industrial, Construction & Marine products with a portfolio of more than 30,000 products of leading brands from across the globe. The legacy of the company was established by Mr. Kavalmal Kavalani who used to trade in pearls between India and Bahrain. His descendants Mr. Vasumal Kavalmal , Mr. Purshotamdas Vasumal and Mr. Narsingdas Purshotamdas diversified the line of business by initially dealing in textiles, dates and trading in import and export of tea. In 1955, Mr. Tolaram Narsingdas and Mr. Chandrasen Narsingdas (the great great grandsons of Mr. Kavalmal Kavalani) established Kavalani & Sons.

Upon the discovery of oil in Bahrain, the fifties witnessed the start of economic and infrastructural development. During this period, the company embarked on the sale of automobile spares imported from USA and Europe. At that time we were dealing with brands such as; Ford, Buick, Bosch, Chevrolet and Cadillac. In the early sixties, the company changed its focus to Industrial consumables, hardware and building materials.


The company began its operations from a small shop in Manama catering to the industrial and production sector, government departments and marine companies. Over the years, Kavalani has acquired more than 30,000 products from various regions across the globe which accommodates the demands of our diverse customers.

Kavalani & Sons are the primary titleholders of the concept, “One Stop Shop”. The firm has enjoyed the best reputation and goodwill for its customer satisfaction and product range in Bahrain.

The headquarters located in the Salman Industrial City include showrooms, offices and warehouses that have a storage and display area of 130,000 sq ft. Additionally, the branch office and additional warehousing in the Sitra Industrial Area, has a storage and display area of 44,000 sq. ft. The new 13,000 sq ft showroom displays a wide variety of items where customers can examine, select and test the product firsthand.

We strongly believe in innovation and are constantly on the look out to bring new innovative products and solutions to the market. Our quest to introduce new state-of-the-art technologies and products has lead to our diversification across different divisions and product lines. The company has diversified into various product classes like Power Tools, Hand Tools, Building materials, Electrical consumables, HVAC spares, Safety Equipment, Chemicals, Fittings, Packaging and Jointing materials, Cleaning equipment, Welding consumables, Mechanical consumables, Hardware Equipment, Fastners, Lifting Equipment, Garage Equipment, Bars, Sheets & Instrumentation, Hoses, Pneumatic Tools, Ropes, Shelving, Strappings, Tapes & Adhesives.


Kavalani & Sons is an ISO 9001:2008 certified, professionally managed organization, committed to offering complete customer satisfaction. Keeping in mind the growing needs of the GCC, the company is preparing to expand its operations across the region. Presently we are operating in Dubai through our sister company; Kavsons International General Trading. The management and the employees are equally dedicated to our growth by focusing on being a customer centric company.

The goal of Kavalani & Sons is to be an innovative, entrepreneurial and empowered entity constantly creating values and attaining global benchmarks.

Our aim is to offer our clients “Economical Solutions” to help them improve their productivity and performance and in turn actively participate in the GCC’s quest to attain regional and global development.



A/C and Refrigeration Parts
Bars & Sheets
Batteries and Flash Lights
Bearing & Oil Seal
Building Materials
Cleaning Equipments
Construction Eqpt & Diamond Tools
Diagnostics, Inspection &Locating Systems
Drain Cleaning Equipment
Fire Equipment
Garage Equipment
Hand Tools
Industrial Power Tools
Jointing Materials
Lifting Equipment
Packing Material
Pneumatic Tools
Power Tools
Roller Chain
Safety Products
Welding Equipments

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