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JMA IT Solutions Pvt Ltd is the Indian subsidiary of JMA Information Technology Inc. (JMA) based in Overland Park, Kansas, USA. JMA is one of the fastest growing companies in the United States of America with strong presence in several niche areas of telecom, financial, and healthcare industry. JMA is built around a framework of excellence that includes providing highquality service to customers, excellence in performance, rewards tied results, values tied to behavior, innovation in service delivery and treating employees as partners. “I believe true success in a business is achieved when a company creates an environment that empowers its employees,delivers the right service/solution to its customers, and provides fair and equitable rewards to its stakeholders” says Joseph Melookaran, President & CEO of JMA.


Outsourcing Services

Our team include experienced professionals who can focus on how to truly improve the business performance by taking over functions that can be outsourced effectively. We have built strong capabilities in the industries such as productions support a network operations monitoring for telecom companies, Intensive care unit monitoring in health care area, and back office operational support for corporate administration and human relations management.


So how do you do it? With JMA IT’s solutions and services, you get rock star engineers who are always present and increase your capabilities and productivity. One platform that runs a continuous stream between the work your employees do and the people they need to connect with to get work done.


Despite flat budgets, information management solutions are top priorities for CIOs around the world. Gartner reports that analytics and business intelligence, cloud computing and collaboration are among the top 10 focus areas for 2012.* Knowledge is power, and you probably have plenty of power in your organization. You find that power in hard data, strategic Perspectives and market movement. People have knowledge within the ways they interact, too. But your people and data can only perform like rock stars when they are able to quickly engage their connections with useful knowledge and handy information. Manage information like the valuable asset it is. You wouldn’t misplace a piece of real estate or a five-axle machine, right? JMA IT helps you get a grip on your information assets. We’ll help you figure out where such information is located, how people ?nd and use it and when they use it. We’ll help you determine which of it is useful and what should be retired to save you money on storage

Information management capabilities

For a low monthly fee, you get a full SharePoint team with all of the skills necessary to operate, maintain and develop solutions that help you accomplish your SharePoint goals.

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