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Company Profile

We had step ahead in market with an innovative approach in renewable energy field to provide an alternative fuel to natural gas, coal, lignite, diesel, and many others. As they are vanishing up rapidly in near future. We have bought a new binder less briquetting machine tools technology that helps converting organic agro waste into biomass briquettes. We have started a new era of go green go renewable with our briquetting machine tools.

Jay Khodiyar acronyms as JK since the past decade and manufacturing a complete line of briquetting equipments Biomass Briquetting Machines i.e. Briquetting Equipment - Briquetting Plant 90MM,Briquetting Plant 75MM, Briquetting Plant 65MM and above that Biomass Crusher Machines along with Turbo Dryer and Rotary Dryer. Our Two products are efforts of our hard work, dedication and experience they are Jumbo 9075 and Rotary Dryer


Supreme 65

The prior model developed by us as a part of our technical excellence. The model is suitable for all those who are looking for a small production capacity with a minimum budget. The end products delivered are 65MM diameter and low cost.

Supreme 75

This model is ideal choice for the standard looking production companies with the small investments and high profit margins. It is a cost effective model with the Low Power Consumption. It delivers the high density briquettes.

Jumbo 90

Our outstanding and excellent model out of all our product portfolio equipped with auto-cutter and with a capacity of 1200-1800 Kgs/hr. It has special sensors and siren system to indicate temperature. It is a heavy standard design. It has technically upgraded specifications in its design.

Biomass Crusher

The first and foremost requirement of the briquetting machine is crusher. You can cut and shed the larger size raw material into the perfect size that can be feed into the briquetting machine. We can run by the stationary motor and engine also via getting connected to tractor PTO mount.

Turbo Dryer

The second requirement is dryer, to dry the moisture of the raw material. It can be dried 35-40% with the production capacity of 450 KGs/hr. A powerful low pressure open wheel centrifugal fan removes the excess of moisture.

Rotary Dryer

It is one of the most powerful high moisture content dryer that can dry up to 70-80% of moisture in the biomass raw material. It is specially designed for the large scale biomass industries. The complete system is automated.