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Company Profile

Constant innovation and excellence have been the hallmark of the entrepreneurial spirit of the Jagtaps. This urge and dedication combined with determination, strenuous efforts, and hard work have achieved Jagtap Nursery, the distinction of being the best in the areas of landscaping, garden and nursery services of unique nature in the country.
At Jagtap Nursery, we have come a long way since inception, educating ourselves and learning from experience. Over the years, we have invested in inventing, promoting, and building our expertise, operations, and goodwill to be able to deliver the best and win the trust of our clients and customers.
We specialize in the cultivation and sale of plants, landscaping, sale of garden accessories, equipments, and inputs, products such as designer pots (earthen and ceramic) and fountains. Our products and services have adorned individual homes, bungalows, offices, and corporates and we enjoy a dedicated clientele.
At Jagtap Nursery's Garden Centre, our visitors can move around and pick from a full range of custom planters, fountains, pots, garden accessories, equipments, and inputs we market and specialize in. Eye-catching artworks from our fountain and pot categories and plant collection have been placed outdoors for visitors to experience and enjoy all uniqueness. Our indoor gallery offers visitors a display of the beautiful indoor tabletop fountains, garden accessories, equipments, and inputs such as fertilizers, insecticides, pesticides, growth regulators, foliar sprays, and seeds.
We look forward to welcoming you to our nursery to enjoy and take back this unique experience. The details along with photographs of our various products are also available on our website www.jagtapnursery.com for our online visitors and customers. Links have been provided to navigate to the details of our various products to assist you pick your taste and choice so that we can ship the same to your destination.