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Company Profile

Isolux Corsán is a global benchmark in the areas of concessions, energy, construction and industrial services, with a track record spannig over 80 years of professional activity. It operates in more than 40 countries on four continents, and has an EPC backlog of €7.1 Bn.

Isolux Corsán is the outcome of the take-over of Corsán-Corviam by Isolux Wat in 2004. Since then, it has done nothing but grow. In 2014 it reported €2.12 Bn (€2.7 Bn pre IFRS 11) in revenues and EBITDA of €252 million (620€ million pre IFRS 11).

The diversification of its activity and its determined focus on growing in the international markets have been the key to its success. At present, 87% of the backlog are contracts from outside Spain.

Isolux Infrastructure is responsible for the concession business line in the areas of toll roads, power transmission lineas and solar PV energy. The Company is a reference in the sector of high-voltage power transmission, with over 5,959 kilometres of lines under concession in India, Brazil and the USA. It constructs and manages 1,643 km of toll roads under concession agreements in five countries (Spain, India, Brazil, USA and Mexico) and operates more than 23,500 parking spaces in Spain.

Isolux Corsán has reaffirmed its leadership position. Amongst the leading companies world-wide specialising in construction of EPC projects for solar photovoltaic plants. In just three years, it has built up an installed capacity of 340 MWp.

The Group activities are driven by a determined commitment to sustainability and the goal of creating value in the environments in which it operates.