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iSkylar is a software solutions and services company. Our services range from Web Development including Website Development, Web & Graphic Design, Web Hosting & Domain Registration, Website Maintenance & Lead Tracking, E -Commerce Web Solutions, Content Management, Open Source Customization to Digital Marketing like Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Marketing , Search Engine Marketing along side providing consultation to its clients on Business Process, Marketing , Market Coverage and Reputation Management. Some of the supporting services provided also include maintenance and support of the web portal.

With the strengths of domain knowledge, technologies like HTML5, CSS3, PHP, JavaScript, Java, jQuery, WordPress, Joomla, MySQL etc. and expertise in Photoshop, InDesign, Graphic designs etc. the business offers a strong proposition of be-spoke product development, maintenance and wing-to-wing requirements for its clients.



Custom software development services at iSkylar Technologies helps the modern-day enterprise keep pace with the rapidly changing market environment with the help of advanced system enablement and flawless functional compliance. Custom software development implies designing software that is designed and programmed for a specific functional requirement. The basic difference between other packaged applications and custom made ones is that they are designed with a general set of features to be used by a broad range of users. Quality planning and steadfast development is the key to successful custom software development. At iSkylar, we make it a clinch to provide you with a solution that compliments with your needs and gets well into your system, to make it work better and smarter. Our skilled development team has built dozens of complex desktop, networked and web-based applications over the years, using best practices and rigorous techniques with the help of our profound custom software development exposure.


Mobile app development company iSkylar Technologies provides mobile application development solutions that enable you to experience the benefits of seamless mobility, instant availability and fast access. We always encourage discussing business necessities that are highly considerable and demanded by companies for customized mobile application development. We have expertise and vast experience in mobile app development that ensures us to meet client's exact requirements in order to improve their business efficiency, functionality and proficiency. We make you get the best of technological benefits with our futuristic mobile app development solutions. Our experts work on different technologies and range of versions across iPhone, iPad, Android, Blackberry and Windows. We have created eminent solutions working on different verticals of mobile technology and have provided businesses with perfect fit for their needs with our advanced mobile application offerings.


iSkylar offers quality Web Development services to our diversified clients with our astute planning and perfect execution laid by our professional web application developers. Web development is our forte. We have not just built basic contemporary business websites to help our clients communicate better but also helped them get optimum value from requirement-based results. Our websites have helped the enterprises and professionals to define their business proponents, interface and structure in an effective manner. We have helped them come off their limitations through our functional E-Commerce Web Development, Web Portal Development, Mobile Website Development, CMS Development and Responsive Web Design Services. With vast knowledge in browser-supported programming languages like JavaScript and HTML, our expert web application developers have offered them with select functionalities for serving their business's intent better - through both intranet and internet. Our rich custom web application development services have produced immense capacity for interactive communication, succinct reporting, flawless documentation, increased productivity, better transparency and escalating business process efficiency.


Web portal is one of the easiest and most resourceful modes of web communication technology that offers resources and services such as online shopping, user forums, information sharing, transaction processing, communication board for members, marketplace platform that help the users to interact with individuals and groups over the internet. Web Portal Development is much different to a website development as it involves extensive ideation and thorough compilation activities while conceptualizing and developing a product. A portal is developed after a detailed research and building profound concept for connecting different users on a common platform and serving the underlying purpose of the portal completely. At iSkylar Technologies, we have developed a number of portals for our clients coming from different industries. We have served them with user-driven functionalities and provided them with most advanced operational properties to grip-hold the process in a dynamic and perfectly executed manner. Our solutions in portal development range from lifestyle and fashion, news, dating, online retail, real estate, job, human resource and more. Portal Development solutions we provide are all well-crafted to suit your needs. We have not just developed the concept into a working system but also provided the needed thrust to the functioning of the portal through our eminent services and technical assistance. We offer portal development solutions according to customized needs of clients in different functional domains. Our skilled analysts and development professionals help you get the most advanced version available in terms of technology. They help you get the finest of job done for your unique concept. We are always very particular about providing you with the exact features, functional enablement, design and format that optimally represents your portal development idea. With our prominent portal development service, we ensure you leveraging benefits in your online business endeavor. We just not provide our clients with portal development solutions but also offer them migration, content management, maintenance and technical support services. If you think your needs are very specific and needs to address a niche client-base, we would help you get it developed with our custom-portal development services. We can also help you in reaching the point where you get confident about the business viability and authenticity of the product you are planning to develop through our expert consultancy services in portal development.


iSkylar provide independent advice on complex business problems at senior levels in the public and private sectors. We take a hands-on role to ensure solutions are not only conceived, but also delivered with genuine benefits. Within our management consultancy business, we support our clients by cutting through complexity to deliver results. We plan, design and deliver solutions that result in real value through releasing potential efficiency gains from the implementation of organizational and ICT enabled business change. Our consultants ensure that business cases are developed to obtain management/business commitment and approval for investment in business change including programmes and projects. We design and redesign existing organizations to enhance capability or to introduce new ways of working in a way that is coherent with your organization’s direction and goals. We know that turning your corporate vision and strategy into operational reality can be challenging and disruptive to business as usual. So we provide direction, guidance and innovative services to support and enable the successful execution of change initiatives. Our experienced consultants guide and support you through strategic based analysis to develop and implement the entire business portfolio, prioritizing which projects and programmes will achieve most business benefit. Our ICT consultants ensure that any technology not only meets the requirements of its users but that it is implemented and managed to realize the promised benefits. We provide programme and project management consultancy and even entire programme management teams to assist our clients to deliver controlled change to transform their business. We focus on the provision of client side project management expertise to ensure that our client’s project objectives aren’t just conceived that are actually successfully delivered within the ever present constraints of time, cost and quality.


Search Engine Optimization& Search Engine Marketing Website design can lure a customer once he has reached the website but to reach a potential customer/prospect or any person randomly looking for services you serve it is search engine optimization which forms the basics. Search engine optimization helps place your website at a higher position in any related search done on the web. We provide search engine optimization and make sure that the customer not only has an awesome website but also the capability to be listed on top in searches from search engine like Google, Yahoo, Bing. We also provide SEM including support in both paid/unpaid services for optimization and marketing on any of the search engines. SEO& SEM is again done on the basis of the business process understanding as it gives us a clear picture o the services offered by our client and the market he wants to capture. Social Media Marketing Website is one online source of getting leads and reaching out prospects. With the presence of over 75 major networking sites and the ever growing number on each of these sites offers a platform more effective than any other marketing strategy like Email, PPC etc. Social Media today including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Slide share, YouTube, Google +,Pinterest, Tumblr,Quora etc give us multiple platforms to reach out to people. These media offer us different services which can be used to reach out to the target audience. Every media has a different operating behavior and search which helps us use the media which will be specifically helpful for our clients. Our social media marketing services range from creation of presence on these media, advertising, promoting, branding, campaigning and maintaining the online reputation over each media by continuous posts over each media. Content services for the same are also taken care of. E mail Campaigns Apart from Social Media we provide services for Email/SMS marketing as well where in we design and provide Email templates which can be used in Email campaigns run by the client.