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Company Profile

INXEE Systems Pvt Ltd is an international technology-centric Embedded Systems and Semiconductor Services company with inherent focus on delivering nothing but the best in the aforementioned domains. The company has its country headquarters in Delhi-NCR while also having offshore offices to reach out to our global clients. We have built strong expertise in the domains of Wireless & Wired Devices, Medical Electronics, Industrial Automation, Defense Electronics & Consumer Electronics. Inxee consistently goes beyond its clients’ expectations by clubbing together technology, talent, innovation and the highest quality standards.

We've been putting our in-depth grasp about latest technologies and processes in creating outstanding products for our customers since 2010.

At INXEE we offer a broad spectrum of solutions in design and development under the fields of Semiconductor, PCB, Software & System to our clientage in any of the requisite target field complete with its manufacturing, installation and maintenance services. Our services span across individual hardware and software components to entire systems. We provide product development and support, we are experts in an array of embedded platforms -- hardware technologies and programming skill sets. Our expert team is experienced in adding value within an existing project or start afresh a full development cycle engagement. We never stagnate at work and let a free flow of thoughts keep us going, to achieve that larger goal leading imagination to invention. Our unwavering efforts ensure the best quality end-product for our clients.

Inxee also offers to connect with customers and clients directly through INXEEDIRECT [ www.inxeedirect.com ], an exclusive online store where one can place an order, customize and reengineer PCB boards, Interface Converter Boards, and other electronic components. All the available products are categorically tabulated for ease in navigation through the website and an uncomplicated payment portal enables to make transaction simpler. We ensure best quality at feasible price.

Our unique approach to innovation is centered on people and their necessities. From developing neo-natal body warmers that help doctors better monitor babies in cases of hypothermia, to designing Green building management systems for efficient utilization of power resources, to acknowledging the vast spectrum of new ideas that IoT is bringing about, our basic approach is to help build a better connected and sustainable world to live in. Inxee is all about relentless combination of experience with expertise in technology.