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IntelliVision is a leading software and solutions B2B company in the intelligent video analytics, smart camera, and automated monitoring market. IntelliVision provides solutions for security, surveillance, traffic/transportation, automotive, robotics, drones, smart home/IoT, mobile, and retail analytics solutions. IntelliVision’s analytics add the “Brains Behind the Eyes” for cameras by adding the intelligence by analyzing the video content, extracting meta-data, sending out real-time alerts, and providing intelligence on the video. With our advances in smart camera, PC/server, and Cloud analytics technologies, we are deploying cameras such as Smart Home, Smart Business, Smart Machine, Smart Transit, Smart Retail, and Smart Mobile in many applications.

Intelligent Video is an advanced solution that performs intelligent video analysis and fully automates video monitoring. For example, our Recognition Suite provides face, people/human, object, and license plate recognition solutions. It automatically tracks and identifies objects, analyzes motion, and extracts video intelligence from analog or digital video streams. Our solutions can output analysis and video data mining on real-time events, or store them in a database. For retail analytics, we provide a whole range of store performance metrics and business intelligence. For the smart transit, ITS/traffic market, our products are deployed in thousands of cameras all over the US, monitoring traffic 24/7.

IntelliVision provides patent licenses for over 100+ patents (granted and pending) worldwide, making it one of the strongest patent protected solutions. IntelliVision technology is currently deployed in over 500,000 cameras and Network Video Recorders (NVR)/Video Management Systems (VMS). Our products have been very successful, and our solutions are implemented with top Fortune 500 companies and partners worldwide such as Ambarella, The Pentagon, Disney, ADT, Motorola, Netgear, DIRECTV and many more. IntelliVision is based in San Jose, California, with offices in Asia and Europe.

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