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We are a company with expertise in Cloud Computing, IT Staffing and Mobility domains. We have spread our wings from IT and services industries to manufacturing, Financial and banking services to Agro Services, Telecommunication to Retail and e-commerce and much more than what you can count on your fingers!

Intelligentia is high on cross-industry experience and technical capabilities in cloud services and has specific professional expertise on CRM applications such as Salesforce and cloud applications such as Amazon Web Services. We promise to give our clients optimal technology solutions to reduce costs, streamline business processes and gain business advantages.

We pride ourselves in providing organisations excellent IT staffing solutions that not only creates value for them but makes their staffing needs feel like a cakewalk and a pain of yesterday! Our multiple staffing services served by expert IT recruiters help you fit the perfect pieces to all your complex puzzles.

Thanks to our vast industry experience, coupled with our ability to provide efficient and cost-effective integrated solutions, we are enabled to cover a vast platform to provide smart mobility services that not only makes you competent in the market but makes you a complete game changer!

We aren’t uninfluenced by the mobility wave and do understand that relying on the marketing platforms just through the traditional means is a passé and that’s why our mobile advertising products enable you to garner the profits of the fast paced, head-spinning medium of mobile marketing for your business.

We provide the perfect solution matches to your business problems enabling you to, create the business, maintain the business and expand the business.

We provide the intelligent solutions for your success.


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