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Since our inception 3 years ago, we have served diverse group of clients on both sides of the atlantic. We are proud to say that over 96% of our clients recommend us .

We help organisations of all sizes by collaborating with them to help them reach new markets, improve productivity , reduce costs by developing innovative web and mobile applications. For example:

we helped OrgoSales manage invoices and sales through a custom CRM built using Groovy on Grails – It is more powerful than leading CRM software solutions like Salesforce. It has been tailored specifically for the complex needs of the Food Equipment Manufacturers and their sales reps.

We are supporting InfoSpectrum to build a leading MRO software solution – infotrak, for the airline industry.

Our PHP team is Developing a complete shipping and warehousing module for Recondistribution with one of the most reliable packaging solutions available in the market.

you can check more projects on our portfolio page .

How did we managed to meet the needs of such a diverse client base? All because of our experienced team of consultants and engineers who are thoroughly trained and through their relentless passion to keep working till our clients goals are achieved. Many a times this passion has kept us working deep into the night > INSOMANIACS is what we called ourselves, that evolved to INSONIACS and finally to INSONIX , which also is a derivative of IN as in internet, SO as in Software, NIX as in Electronics.

That is a brief Executive Summary about Insonix – a Reliable, Responsible company that can Rapidly transform your vision into quality working software. Please share your requirements and contact details so that our domain experts can get in touch with you asap!

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