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Founded in 1996, INDUS is today a market leader in manufacturing power electronics equipment & renewable energy products. INDUS has earned reputation & trust in the market by offering unique technology solutions, high quality products & unparalleled customer support in the business areas of energy conservation & generation.
Our products range contains renewable energy products, power electronics & power conditioning equipment.. INDUS is more than just a manufacturer, it prides itself in providing clients the added value of engineering, technical expertise & solutions to meet clients needs. We are committed to meet user's requirements meeting highest quality norms and have acquired a leading position due to our focus on ultimate customer satisfaction. The users could achieve an outstanding quality product with cost competitiveness.

INDUS GROUP OF COMPANIES are professionally managed with manufacturing activities based at DOMBIVLI, MAHARASHTRA with an advanced research and development wing. The Plant is fully equipped with the latest test and design equipments. A force of technically sound field engineers is always on the move to provide effective support to the users round the clock. A strong team of young, qualified and dedicated work force is working shoulder to shoulder for furthering the objectives of the company. Our strong business ethics and professional approach has further helped us to maintain an amiable relationship with our clients & dealers.

We at INDUS are committed to provide the products & services with highest standards of quality, reliability & safety to our customers, so as to become the most preferred brand among power electronic & renewable energy products manufacturers by ensuring:



Solar Power Generation Or Thermal Systems are wonderfully reliable - so reliable in fact, that it makes sense to have a maintenance contract for it. Why? Because in the business of your day to day affairs, you may just forget that they are there as they work away at generating free electricity. Although solar panels or entire Solar System as a whole, don't need a lot of maintenance but they do need some - to make sure that they are generating at their maximum efficiency. Your PV system may get by without inspection or maintenance, but your investment will be more likely to live upto expectations if it is regularly inspected. INDUS can offer a full suite of inspection and testing services, ranging from a visual inspection by our trained installers to electrical tests of the circuits. Such maintenance will identify underperformance issues as well as significant equipment failures.


Inverters/UPS are not coming under fit and forget category. Like any other home appliances, maintenance of UPS/INVERTERS and associated BATTERIES are paramount to get optimum benefit. Preventive maintenance is very much important in terms of safety also.


Our Experience Has Shown That The Key Factor To Achieving Optimum Performance And Long Battery Life Is To Follow A Regular Care And Maintenance Program. INDUS Offers A Premium Annual Maintenance Contracts To Care & Guard Your Batteries To Ensure Attaining Maximum Output And Durability Of Them. Our Expert & Experienced Team Of Service Engineers Is Always On The Move To Provide Immediate Response To Tackle Emergency Complaints If Any. You Can Rely On One Of The Best Service & Support Network Of INDUS & Can Enjoy A Truly Uninterrupted Power Supply. ."Don't Let Rolling Blackouts Or Utility Problems Stop You From Running Your Business. Contact Us Today To Ensure Your Batteries Are Ready For Anything…………

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