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Company Profile

The recent shifts of trends in the global auto industry call upon not only companies but also individuals and countries to take on new challenges and drive innovation.
Steering the winds of change, MOBIS strives to become the leader in future automotive technology.

To introduce original products which have evolved from converging modules and electronics, MOBIS has dedicated its full capacity to developing a variety of cutting edge technologies, and at the same time, has made sure to secure self-reliance using our core proprietary technology.
In addition, we will seek to enhance the technological competitiveness of eco-friendly core parts to the extent of leading the global marketplace.

We promise that we will provide ‘safety and happiness to our customers.’ This is the ultimate value that MOBIS proudly upholds by constantly making inroads into the global marketplace, not to mention our primary duty of supplying fast and accurate after-sales parts.

The 21st century unfolds a platform of boundless opportunities before us. We will take great pains to become the kind of company that defies all obstacles and stands firm in times of crises and is full of ingenuity and vigor by continually challenging ourselves. We will be a company that builds dreams and hopes hand in hand with customers through cooperation.

Thank you for your continued interest in MOBIS as it progresses to become a leader in the automotive parts industry worldwide, and we would appreciate further support and attention in the coming decades