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Company Profile

HEX64 has been established to offer high-end support services for IT infrastructure, network security, integration and migration of cloud with the help of technically adept teams of engineers and support staffs. Our mission is to offer a range of services under one roof to save time, money and efforts of consumers. No need to knock the doors of different service providers for getting separate jobs of a single modular project done by them. Quality, quick services at affordable rates- these are the top 3 priorities of our company.

We venture in an industry which is continually incorporating advanced research results of communication and Information Technology with the growth of business. Thus, it is needless to say that HEX64 prepares its teams selectively! Only those who are the best in their streams are appointed so that we could offer services without compromising with its excellence. In addition, one can approach HEX64 to audit the security lapses of the network infrastructure of an enterprise.

At HEX64, we provide both basic and next-generation firewall infrastructure to corporate houses. Only skilled and proficient specialists for network security could establish the firewall rules for the source or destination network, port numbers for TCP/UDP, IP address, protocols, applications etc. We also manufacture firewall appliances.

Keeping pace with the changing requirements of storage and security of a huge scale confidential data, HEX64 has high-end expertise of utilising the best features of cloud computing. Whether it is about setting up the Cloud or managing the operations for its integrated services, one should rely on the experts like HEX64 only.


IT Network Architecture Support

Our IT network architecture support helps to streamline your services, strengthen, secure and connect your systems, and transform your business with better productivity and efficiency. Our network architectural support services include areas like building connectivity, cloud computing, etc.