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Company Profile

Perfect Group constructed of five complementary business units work together, sharing market outlets and distribution networks, progressively improving their performance towards a specific goal: to become the leading group in the formwork and scaffolding equipment for the construction industry. This is the specific objective of the Perfect Group. Across many continents we provide innovative, high quality and price competitive formwork and Scaffolding products, goods and services as well as investment opportunities for investors in the related industrial fields.

The group’s strong partnerships and synergic marketing policies have always been a mark of the management’s strategic vision and have proved to be a winning formula for the challenges of the global market. Our range of products and services is expansive and spans all aspects of formwork and scaffolding industry starting from raw materials, manufacturing process to the finish good products, trading of accessories, sales and marketing of formwork and scaffolding systems, usage at site, erection, dismantling, storage, maintenance, and effective reused for many projects.

The energy driving our more than 23 years of businesses in this field is our strong workforce recourses in the five sister-concerns companies form the group, our vast manufacturing facility and strong affiliations with numerous construction industry partners.

Our knowledge, expertise, experience and strengths ensure we are well placed to continue offering our clients with best services. This is backed up by an innovative range of products, and the resources to ensure that even the most complex project requirements are sourced and delivered on time. .