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Company Profile

Globalnettech is one of the leading Workstation, laptop & Mac Rental Company solely focused on delivering systems that provide a superb experience in EVERY professional application. Our specialist system engineers strive to maximize the performance and stability of every Product we provide on Rent.
Global Nettech specializes in providing best of class graphics workstations designed to accelerate your CAD design or visual effects workflow. Rental from Global Nettech carry the industry’s top brands like Dell, HP, Lenovo and Apple.
With an in-depth knowledge of the requirements of manufacturing, construction, Aerospace & Automotive, design and visualization companies, we fully understand that your software will only deliver best performance.


NVIDIA GRID Solutions on rental in Bangalore

Professionals in every industry are reaping the rewards of virtual desktops powered by NVIDIA GRID technology in the data center. See how NVIDIA GRID drives increased productivity .NVIDIA GRID is a virtualization solution built on over 20 years of software and hardware innovations in the accelerated graphics field that deliver a rich graphics experience to users running virtual desktops or applications. Global Nettech offers NVIDIA GRID solutions on rental to accelerate virtual desktops and applications, allowing the enterprise IT to deliver true graphics from the datacenter to any user on the network at a fair cost. NVIDIA GRID technology is comprised of both hardware and software technology including NVIDIA GRID™ vGPU™ technology which enables hardware virtualization of the GPU. Mobile no: +91 90360 10005, Office no: 080-65707504 Email address: enquiry@globalnettech.com, http://globalnettech.com Product Page: http://www.globalnettech.com/nvidia-grid-solution/