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Flemingo International is a Dubai based global duty free and travel retail operator with a focus on emerging markets and a vision to achieve $2billion sales by 2020.
Nearly two decades ago, realising the potential in the trade routes between East Africa and the Middle East, Flemingo opened its first outlet in Africa and its distribution business in Dubai. This was followed by further expansion in Africa. In 2003, Flemingo entered Asia with its first outlet in India. In 2010, Flemingo acquired Baltona and entered the European region followed by the acquisition of Iris Ekspres, the Turkey based In-flight duty free operator. In 2013, Flemingo acquired Chacalli-De Decker, a specialist in the supply of duty and tax free goods to diplomats, UN organisations and military missions. In 2014, Harding Retail became part of the Flemingo group. Today, Flemingo is present in 34 countries with over 200 operations in Asia, Africa, Europe and LATAM
Flemingo operates across different formats like duty free shops in airports, cruise ships, borders, downtown, seaports; UN commissary shops, diplomatic duty free in addition to inflight supply as well as convenience stores, food & beverage and luxury retail outlets at airports.
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Retail, Duty Free, Duty Paid, Diplomatic Services

1. Duty free through various channels such as airports, seaports and borders 2. Diplomatic business including online diplomatic service, retails shops and embassy supply 3. Duty paid including convenience business under the brand names “Starter” & “Xpress” 4. Inflight retailing, at present in Turkey catering to 8 airlines 5. Food and beverage with various brands under its portfolio 6. Master retailing at Poland and Morocco