Federal Power Transformers LLC,


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United Arab Emirates





Company Profile

Federal Power Transformers LLC (FPT) is an ISO 9001:2008 company established in 2006 and is partly held by Federal Transformers Co. LLC , a company engaged in manufacturing & selleing distribution transformers. FPT is located at ICAD1 – Abu Dhabi with specific and dedicated facility for the manufacture of Power Transformers.

FPT have the manufacturing capability to make power tranformers up to 150 MVA, 220kV class along with a comprehensive repair facility offering refurbishment of transformers and overhaul of Tap Changers. Innovative product development and a highly advanced manufacturing system ensures that the products meet the needs of today's market by combining the latest technology with reliability and cost-effectiveness.

The products are designed, manufactured & tested to comply with national and international standards including IEC-60076 / ANSI C57 / BS-171. Transformer designs are developed using fully computerized techniques and each Transformer designed with actual dimensions in 3D ME-10 CAD package to visualize fixing of all accessories and fittings. 3D and 2D FEM analysis are used for electromagnetic and Electrostatic distribution to finalise the winding, insulation and core clamp structure design.

The products are manufactured in the state-of-the-art facilities, built on a 29,207 square meters of land, under controlled environment and by seasoned Electrical and Mechanical Engineers & skilled production personnel.

Rigorous stage inspections and testing after every sequence of operation are carried out as per established procedures to check conformity with Design and Client specifications. The whole Quality Management system is under constant Review and Audited periodically to ensure that at each stage the work is carried out to the Customer’s requirements and Satisfaction.

FPT also undertakes the complete Erection and Commissioning at site for the products manufactured by us with a dedicated Site Team & Test Equipment. Site Tests and services are also offered on demand at Abu Dhabi CNIA controlled areas.