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Facilitate IT is an innovative company that developed as a result of the need to employment globalization. Understanding that sometimes the best skill sets for a job are found a world away from where a business operates and recognizing the need to reduce physical constraints in order to provide access to the best staffing overseas, Facilitate IT was born.

We understand that finding a staffing agent overseas can be challenging and that it can also be risky. Facilitate IT is here to empower your human resources with the best employees in the industry, no matter what industry that may be. We can help you achieve your corporate goals efficiently and effectively by offering the best infrastructure for your employees as well as for employee management and monitoring. Facilitate IT can even provide project management if necessary; we offer an all-around solution to your employee recruiting, staffing, monitoring and project management needs.


SEO Contractor

Revolution in online industry has made SEO (Search Engine Optimization) a most hunted–after means to boost one’s website. SEO is a process to improve the ranking of a website or webpage on search engines like Google, Yahoo, MSN, Bing and so on. Desire of higher rankings in popular search engines to increase traffic rate, boost sales and brings esteem to the website is growing day by day by both small and big enterprise to make their own reputation on the web. In order to meet these demands of website owners, the internet nowadays is overloaded with ample of SEO companies and professionals.

Hiring dedicated SEO contractor is the best cost-effective available option today. Hiring offshore resource offers more benefitfrom an extra focused contacts and cutting outflow.
From Facilitate IT, you can hire a dedicated SEO contractor or hire a virtual team of SEO experts as per your requirement. The dedicated resources will solely work for you as per your instruction and guidelines within your direct monitoring and prioritizing your focus.

Mobile App Developer

Mobile technology is amongst the fastest evolving technologies in the world, which is one of the best ways to stay in touch with customers 24×7. By adequately leveraging the technology, mobile application is offering this opportunity for businesses to interact with their consumers instantly.
If you do not want to miss out any mobile user as your customers, hire dedicated cost-effective mobile app developer from us. At Facilitate IT, we offer complete virtual hiring solutions for various application development areas including, iPhone, iPad, iPod, Android, Blackberry, HTML5 and Facebook. We at Facilitate IT, help you to add dedicated mobile app developer to your project team to exclusively work for you on your project.

Hire dedicated virtual mobile app developer as per your customized requirement, whether it is monthly or hourly basis needs. So, it’s time to unlock the hidden potential of the mobile devices using your virtual resources and tools:

Web Developer

Since the internet is ubiquitous and it is accessible on the go, through various digital devices, usage of the web is increasing in many ways than it was earlier. Thus, it is crucial to have an identity in the form of website to sustain in the competition.
Unfortunately, simple website does not give your audience a unique feel to reinforce your desired goal. To portray the image of yourself and your company you will need to have a website that can be rested apart from the trillions.That is the reason, web development is complex and teamwork demanding procedure and only accomplishes with the cutting-edge infrastructural and human resources establishments.

Fortunately, Facilitate IT enables you to virtually hire PHP, Wordpress, iOS, Magento, Android Programmers and developers to your project team to improve your performance credentials though its extensive work exposure. Hiring a dedicated developer or skilled resources to your project team means no infrastructure burden, no payroll burden, no HR burden and enjoy the cost-cutting by up to 60%.Hiring a dedicated web developer to your project team gives you complete access to professionals who work exclusively for you from our fully managed facilities based in India.

Virtual Assistant

With time, ways and different needs, people have changed a lot. What subsequently was an impossible is now known as technology, what we never assumed will happen is now handled and executed by us on a daily basis. One technological augmentation in the area of resource integration is virtual remote staffing. If you are looking for decent and affordable virtual assistant services, you have landed on a right page.
If you are operating a new business on a low cost model and you cannot afford to deal with new set up for your own office space to carry on your development or you are running out of time to look after your businesses scattered at different places, you should hire dedicated virtual staffing services from us. At Facilitate IT, we offer an ideal office space without acquiring or paying for its rent, the virtual office delivers all potential system practices in most cost-effective manner.


The quality of a website depends both on exclusive design and rich content that is well-researched, very informative and well-presented toengage the reader.To capture the attention of the visitors, your content should be written in an incredibly proficient way and should standalone as a piece of objective and informative write up.
To take your business to the next higher level of maturity, we at Facilitate IT, help you with the most suitable remote staffing business needs. We enable you to hire an array of dedicated contentwriting services to value your every online content need. Whether you want writers for blogs, articles, brochures, press releases, web pages, or SEO content, you can hire an individual writer or a team 8 hours a day, 5 days a week at a very affordable charge.

Graphic Designer

In the modern technology driven world, graphic designers are considered as the heroes of the designing world because; they knows how to convey your vision to the customers all around the world by transforming your idea into a correct image with the perfect color combination. Considering this fact, graphic design is one of the must to use strategy that every website owner should try.
Using graphics and visual taking center-stage in the marketing world, outsourcing a dedicated virtual specializes in the graphic design could elevate your brand and increase your profits phenomenally. We at Facilitate IT, enable you to hire dedicated graphic designer to your project team to exclusively work for you on your project. Without investing in infrastructure, experience the control of in-house staff with the financial benefits of offshore progress.


For small or medium organizations maintaining up-to-date bookkeeping is the most significant part of the daily schedule. However, the establishment of an accounting division, hiring and training bookkeeping personnel and making purchases of bookkeeping software is pricey. Such organizations, whose core competency isn't bookkeeping, can get benefit by outsourcing to India. By means of selecting India as your bookkeeping outsourcing partner, you will get access to several advantages like:

Back Office Admin

You could be experiencing the dilemma of having a lot to do but not having sufficient time or man power to get it done. Stream line your procedure and enhance your business output by outsourcing a dedicated back office admin from Facilitate IT.

By hiring your needs to us, you can get rid of all of the hassles of outsourcing staff, overseeing processes, and therefore retain your existing staff to procure more business that boost your entire business value. We at Facilitate It, work as an extension to your practice, offering comprehensive assistance and support for carrying out various tasks. Hire a dedicated back office admin to your project team to crop up all sorts of admin tasks.


Every business wants to create a strong pipeline and accelerate sales cycles by generating highly qualified and targeted prospects. The right approach and strategic plan is something that business can’t afford to neglect in today’s highly competitive landscape. If you are looking for ways to get your voice noticed by targeted markets, all you are required to have is a sturdy telemarketing campaign. Crop up all sorts of telemarketing tasks by outsourcing a skilled virtual assistant from Facilitate IT.

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