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Company Profile

Evoke Technologies is an innovative Information Technology firm offering value-driven software services, which help businesses save significant costs and amplify their software systems. We have been actively assisting our clients to constantly innovate and gain competitive advantage in the global marketplace. We have always emphasized on core technology practices which helped us to consistently maintain quality standards in our key deliverables.

We are a certified SEI-CMMI Level 3, ISO 27001 and ISO 9001 compliant IT enterprise, which focuses on building long term relationships with its clients. At Evoke, our endeavor has always been to offer cutting-edge technology solutions that enable our clients to meet their automation goals. Our project delivery and engagement models optimize business processes efficiently resulting in significant operational savings, thus adding value to our clients.

We have gained strong expertise by assisting our clients across various industry verticals. We have built a strong governance and project delivery methodology that provides us with a superior edge over our competitors. Evoke Technologies has a very strong technical team that develops and deploys tactical solutions for all our clients' complex IT requirements. We strongly believe in the offshore development model, as it allows passing on considerable savings to our clients. We are a preferred software development outsourcing partner for various businesses across North America.


Application Development

Evoke Technologies application development and maintenance services power your business to perform effectively in today's competitive business environment. We offer custom application development services utilizing proven software tools and technologies. We are known for our high quality and cost effective software application development services. Our application development model provides your business with a competitive advantage. We partner with you to build software applications that are highly robust and agile. We have an experienced team of software developers creating custom software solutions for your complex IT requirements.

Our application development and maintenance services, which are created utilizing state-of-the-art technologies, give businesses an edge over their competitors. We offer a wide range of software development services and build IT products that are dynamic and functionally superior. Evoke Technologies has deep-domain expertise in offering software maintenance and product development services with an extensive focus on software product engineering. We adopt agile development practice that helps us to quickly execute projects and pass on the savings to our clients’. We design, implement and maintain software applications that help improve the performance and end-user experience.

Application Migration

Evoke Technologies has been assisting global corporations to transmigrate from legacy systems to systems that are built using emerging technologies and platforms. Application Migration is a specialized domain that demands in-depth functional knowledge and technical expertise. Whether it is an elementary migration or a multi-layered migration, we are geared up to assist your business with the transition process. We have been highly successful in our application migration approach, having successfully migrated hundreds of legacy systems to enterprise systems that are based on new technologies and platforms. We have deep-domain expertise in migrating legacy applications to newer platforms, which include .Net, Azure, Cloud and various other prominent platforms.

In today's global marketplace, technologies are advancing rapidly, it may be challenging for your business to continue functioning on legacy enterprise systems due to various impeding factors that include maintenance issues, performance and reliability constraints etc. It makes a good business decision to move onto systems that are built on new technologies, as it helps your business to reduce operating costs and improve overall performance of your business processes.

Quality Assurance and Software Testing

Software Testing and Quality Assurance are an integral part of the software development life-cycle (SDLC) and require as much attention as your core software development process. Evoke Technologies is of the opinion that software testing is a specialized domain, which requires specialized skills and an alternate approach to ensure optimal performance of applications and systems being developed. Software enterprises need to have efficient and organized QA teams and streamlined processes to ensure that newly built software applications / systems deliver consistent results.

Evoke Technologies offers a complete spectrum of next generation QA and testing services to businesses, which helps them perform comprehensive software testing for their applications. We utilize state-of-the-art tools to perform software quality assurance and testing, which helps businesses leverage emerging technologies to their advantage. Our Quality Assurance framework incorporates a blend of new tools and technologies, which aids enterprises to manage their resources efficiently.

Product Engineering

Defining the right solution is an important step in developing a software product / solution that surpasses client's expectations. Evoke Technologies is known for delivering world-class product engineering services to its clients' by leveraging its deep-domain experience. Our product engineering framework is an outcome of the software engineering best practices gained over the past decade and our teams' persistent research & development efforts. Evoke Technologies global delivery model ensures seamless delivery of services to its clients by utilizing its offshore / onshore capabilities (depending on clients' preferences). We assist global businesses by offering the following services:

Identify core IT objectives
Perform system requirements analysis
Identify technology platform
Define a solution architecture
Designing and coding
Integration of components
Testing the entire system

Oracle Consulting and Managed Services

Evoke Technologies offers an amazing platform to manage your business processes. Our Oracle managed services practice is a well-established operating model, which helps organizations to reduce costs, improve service quality, increase process effectiveness and enhance operational excellence across your business spectrum.

Big Data

Evoke Technologies understands the significance of 'Big Data' in today's business environment. Our software solutions are designed to help your business map big data and leverage from this emerging technology that is creating a business paradigm shift. We offer customized big data solutions that help you obtain real-time business insights using emerging technologies. Businesses worldwide are being presented with incredible opportunities to mine this huge potential. Your business needs an experienced IT partner to help you design an effective data mining solution, which helps you gain maximum mileage. Evoke Technologies is at the forefront of pioneering this new technology (Big Data Analytics) and our objective is to provide IT solutions centered around big data that would transform your business completely.

Business Process Management

Evoke Technologies offers comprehensive Business Process Management (BPM) solutions that enable businesses to effectively manage their processes. We have also been successful in suggesting improvements in their existing work flows and effectively create software solutions around it. BPM is now a widely accepted practice in software delivery as it helps in effectively modeling business processes and delivering practical software solutions. Our smart BPM solutions help businesses to streamline their business processes and improve efficiency.

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