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Company Profile

eSSL Security is one amongst the leading biometric companies in India and has grown into international territories since inception (2002). With the vision of being a top player on the global scale, eSSL has built in-house expertise to be the vision.
With over 4000+ channel partners and 4lakh customers, the network of eSSL wove itself due to eSSL’s support and proven technology solutions and products.
eSSL being recognized as a recipient of prestigious “Frost and Sullivan awards”, has excelled in providing services and solutions with the knowledge of in house expertise.
eSSL’s major contribution into government sectors has put the government one step ahead in terms of security.

Major projects are:

Midday meal biometric project to keep track of misused funds
School fingerprint system project for Gujarat government
eSSL being a major contributor to the security industry, has diversified into many vertical to help build a better environment. Major contribution is as follows,

Biometrics, Access control, CCTV, Turnstiles, Elevator controller, Video door Phones, Locks- Hotel locks and Bio locks, Guard Patrol System and accessories
eSSL has always been emphasizing on the technology when it comes to end customer satisfaction. Blend of unique technologies and products, eSSL’s solutions takes a name as synonymous in the security industry.
Constant internal changes and revamping of technological models, eSSL stands as an unbeaten name in the security industry.

Major projects are:

Push Data Technology in Biometrics devices
Advanced data encryption algorithms
Integrated platform to provide amalgamated solutions

Push Data Technology - eSSL biometric models enabled with push data technology, pushes the data from the devices to the centralized server location.This advanced technological implementation is to assist multilocation companies to maintain a centralized server by eliminating the installation of servers at each location by cutting down the cost.
Advanced data Encryption algorithms - With highly reliable algorithms built in-house has enabled end user to move the data pertaining to their employees to the central server securely.The data from the products of eSSL takes an encrypted path to the server to make sure of the data losses and theft.
Integrated Platform : eSSL‘s integrated platform for major verticals has made a revolution in the electronic security industry. Since many SMB’s have an indigent purchase or order management systems, it’s highly impossible to integrate two different standalone systems thus leading to maintenance complications.
Considering the factor of integration, eSSL has created a platform to integrate standalone products / system to form an amalgamated solution. This enables any enterprise or an organization to make, maintain and implement integrated and centralized solution.
eSSL with the passion and unique solutions has catered to the needs of end customers to make an effective business model with futuristic missions.
Customers: eSSL sprouted in all the major sectors to grow into a most trusted brand providing security based solutions.
Ranging from retail sector to all major sectors, eSSL has established a nest to take control of the Indian security market and also by growing into different topographies to make its presence.
eSSL’s growth shows signs of great passion to help people in promoting hazardous and dreadful free environment through its security solutions.


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