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Company Profile

The foundation of ETO was laid by the Arya Family on 22nd November’1962,and commenced its humble beginnings from a small Tarpaulin Shed at 1, I.C. Bose Road, Howrah. The only asset they had with them at that time was a 1954 Model Dodge Truck Bearing Regn. No. BRF 1706, and ofcourse the Vision for providing services for the country.

The service arena selected by ETO at that time was almost virgin territory in which very few would have dared to venture out then, but then ETO took upon itself the most difficult task that the nation needed the most for, in the form of interstate and inter city transportation of Goods and Merchandise. There was no direct road in those days as Mahanadi River near Cuttack and Godavari River near Rajamundry could not be crossed, as there were no bridges. It was a challenge for anyone to deliver goods from Calcutta to South India in a span of 5 days. But, ETO did it. Our trucks were directly driven on the barges to cross the river to reach the other side. ETO got the fame for making such deliveries in 5 days without any complaint or claim.

The quality of services provided at that most difficult period in the year 1965 prompted a well known Canadian Company , LUMUS , Canada, who were given the task of erecting and commissioning the plant in Vishakapatnam of Coromandal Fertilizers Ltd, to assign the job of transportation of their material to ETO at a freight value of Rs.50 Lakhs. We completed this job before schedule and we got all the compliments for it.

We are proud to say, we have been associated with several large organization since last four Decades, for whom we have provided with exemplary services of in time delivery. (Refer clientele list ) .

In the year 1967, Indian Railway Board requested us to find out if we could suggest a scheme to co-ordinate Rail Road Transportation for the betterment of economy and the national interest. Our Shri S . P.Arya , suggested the freight forwarding scheme to the then board member Mr. Shukla. It was a trial first on experimental basis between Mumbai and Calcutta and then on other parts of the country. In effect, we were the Pioneers of Freight Forwarding Scheme in the country, and hold the privilege to be the First to load the first wagon under this scheme.

Looking back in the history, we can be proud to note that our Founder Late Shri D. P.Arya , is the man behind the evolvement of the modern day transport industry. It was his mission and vision to see movement of Goods and Merchandise by Road in this Country.

Way back in the year 1954, there was no transportation by road to join one city with the other and the only way of transportation in those days was either by rail, river or air. Our Parent Company, East India Roadways, was the first company to load a truck between Calcutta and Siliguri and then between Calcutta and Mumbai..

In the transport map of our country , ETO is the prime carrier for 72 of the biggest industrial houses out of the top 100. We are the one to have handled 92’ long crane girders between Mumbai and Kudremukh ( hilly region) and carried a single piece of 140 Ton Transformer from Korba to Bilaspur. We also carried vessel 21’ wide and 21’ Height from BHEL , Bhopal to BHEL, Jhansi , when the project was under construction. We have carried Transformers of 28’ x 12’x14’ (LBH) weighing 127 Tons for Electricity Board from BHEL, Jhansi.

All such operations were made in our own trailers, specially designed for these jobs. We won many laurels from all for handling such difficult assignments and a few of them are as under:

1. The 1981 shield of the National Marketing Convention for the most outstanding Transport Company was presented to us by Shri N.D.Tiwari, the then Union Minister of Industry and Labour , Govt. of India..

2. 1982 Trophy of the Indian Institute of Marketing Management for the best Transport Company was presented to us by the then Vice President of India His excellency Shri M.M. Hidaitulla.

3. The best Transport Company award for 1982 of the Institute of Economic Statistics was presented to us by His Excellency Shri Giani Zail Singh, the then President of India.

4. IBC Award for “ Par Excellence” was given to us by Shri Vijay Bhaskar Reddy, the then Union Minister of Shipping & Transport Govt.of India.

5. Man Of The Year Award was presented to Shri S. P. Arya by Shri Vasant Sathe, the then Union Cabinet Minister for Steel, Mines & Coal.

6. Best Transport Carrier Award 2007-08 from BHEL , Tiruchirapalli, Tamil Nadu was presented to us by Shri V.Ananthakrishnan, General Manager, Manaufacturing – Boiler Shops as a mark of appreciation for the Second Best Over- All Performance under the Category of All India Lorry & Trailer Transportation in all the areas of BHEl / Trichy Complex.

7. Best Transport Carrier Award 2007-08 from BHEL, Tiruchirapalli, Tamil Nadu, was presented to us by Shri Ananthakrishnan, General Manager , Manufacturing – Boiler Shops as a mark of appreciation for the best performance under the category of All India Lorry & Trailer Transportation from Vendors’ works to various sites and to BHEL, Trichy Unit.