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Leveraging Technology to Create Innovative Solutions

At Dynakode, we take pride in our people. Our people have proven expertise in cross-functional, inter-domain solutioning. They have deep insights in both technology and strategy. They understand your specific challenges and innovate solutions to address them. We’re known to develop best practices in the industry.

Combining leading-edge business strategy and IT knowledge, to develop efficient and effective solutions that enhances, improves and enable the business operations to effectively utilize the assets movable and stationary both.

We envision a safer world with the enhanced ability to track your assets and protect your loved ones. Our professionals focus on delivery and faith in ethical best practices.

We cherish our values and our business ethics.



Fleet Management System A sleek and small model, DynaFleet is one of the tried and tested vehicle tracking devices. It can be installed in the shelters or dashboards in cars and trucks and has multiple features that appeal to the customers. It is accessorized with an SOS / Panic Button, a Tele-cut off mechanism and a voice monitoring mechanism.


Vehicle Tracking Software GPS/GPRS tracking units are the hardware units that are installed inside your vehicle and sends their location data to the tracking server. Dynakode provides many different types of trackers to meet your specific needs.


Two Wheeler GPS Tracker A robust, sturdy model, with an IP 65 standard casing, the DynaBike is a powerful, dust-proof and waterproof model. It has been specifically designed to address two-wheeler tracking needs. Not just motorcycles, it’s also compatible with common vehicles as well as electromobile vehicles. With a wide range of operating voltage, the GSM-GPRS-GPS technology, this device is…


GPS Tracking Device DMT-20 is a waterproof GSM/GPRS/GPS tracking Units. This is a small unit equipped with Quad-Bands GSM/GPRS module, Hi-sensitivity GPS receiver, Shocking sensor and RF receiver. The built-in GSM/GPS antennas significantly shorten the installation time. The built-in Siren with Off/On programmable brings more options for security purpose. This unit can work alone without any third party help, and…


Multi-functional GPS Vehicle Tracker D7800 – GPS/GPRS Car Tracker D7800 is a multi-functional GPS vehicle tracker which integrates built-in GSM and GPS double antennas. Its main functions are SOS alarm/vibration alarm/voice monitoring/tele-cutoff petrol and so on. It can be used in logistics truck and car to support fleet management. This unit can work alone without any third party help


DynaCare – Personal Safety GPS DynaCare is a GSM /GPS safety phone. Specially designed for children, elderly and ladies, it’s a matchbox sized portable GPS tracker. Simple to use, it is equipped with emergency reporting, 2-way communication, configurable SOS recipient numbers and low battery alerts. It is one of the most suited product in the Consumer range of products. It has

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