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Dream Valley is one of the few places that offers a break from the strain of a hectic life-style. As there is something for everyone in the family - from parents and children to young couple and seniors. Exclusiveness is an integral part of all that is offered here. Feeling special and feeling refreshed is a natural affect Dream Valley leaves on its members and visitors.

The natural splendor of Dream Valley still have been hidden from the world but for the pioneering vision of Late Dr. K Buchi Reddy founder, Mr. K Santosh Reddy, Chairman cum Managing Director, Mrs. K Vasudha, Director and Mr. K Prithvi Reddy, Director. Who in 1993 saw the potential in converting a breathtaking setting into a recreational paradise. The business opportunity of then, is today one of the most popular resort in Hyderabad.

The quest for creating more value for the members has led to yet another fascinating idea. For the first time in India, waterparks and resorts are coming together at Dream Valley.

"Where nature engulfs the paths of excitement. Soothing troubled minds and souls in one understanding embrace..."

Hyderabad is witnessing phenomenal growth. The rapid expansion is an indication of the positive spirit that is catalyzing progress in several areas of life. The impact of IT has revolutionized the business landscape and is seeking to alter the physical landscape as well. While optimism fills the air there is a dire need for avenues that can refresh the body and spirit. Dream Valley plays this role to perfection. Nestling amidst lush green environs, embraced by sagely hillocks and forest reserve, Dream Valley has emerged as an enchanting retreat for every one.

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