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Company Profile

dJAX adserver technology solutions, a prominent provider of ad server software solutions. We focus on the development of various ad serving products for multiple technology platforms. Our products can serve your organization needs and enhance the ad operations. Periodical reporting and automated ad delivery are offered in all our technology platforms. Our primary ad serving products are mobile, video, enterprise, premium display ad server, native ad server and ad server for advertisers and publishers with DSP, SSP and DMP. Our consultancy service for Programmatic advertising will enhance the opportunities of advertising.


dJAX Mobile Ad Server

dJAX Mobile Ad Server is a powerful Mobile Advertising Solution that accomplishes buying and selling of digital ad inventory specifically for Mobile Publishers and Advertisers. Its supports for all types of Ad Formats and delivers these on both mobile Web pages and Applications.

dJAX Ad Server for Agencies

dJAX Ad Server for Agencies is an Ad Serving solution for an advertising agency to set up its own Ad Network. dJAX Ad server enables all the users in the network, the admin, the publishers and the advertisers to simplify their ad operations, helps them to communicate with one another and manage, serve and report on their digital ad campaigns of all formats in real time.

dJAX Video Ad Server

dJAX Video Ad Server is an ad server solution that basically sets up an independent video Ad network that helps Publishers to find and sell ad space to Advertisers to serve their ads when videos are served on the Internet.

dJAX Enterprise Ad Server

dJAX Enterprise Ad Server is a crafting solution for serving needs for online media companies to run ad operations on their websites, mobile screens and online videos. This is basically a package of tools and plugins needed for setting up an ad network, which includes a dJAX Professional Ad Server, a SSP and a DSP integrated with XML feed features and Affiliate features in addition to having an In-game ad plugin.


dJAX Adserver for Agencies
dJAX Enterprise Adserver
dJAX Mobile Adserver
dJAX Video Adserver