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We provide the perfect solution that is required and tuning ourselves to the ever-changing trends, which is created just for you tailor made to perfection.
We believe Delgence is a place where flexibility is a virtue and will always help entrepreneur who think differently. This is the diligence behind Delgence.

Delgence stands for Delivering Intelligence, we stand to provide a solution, which is not what is the trend in the market, what looks fancy or whatever everyone is doing…it is about providing what is perfect for YOU . We believe IT is providing solutions to your existing problems and not adding to the existing ones. We believe that an application is a method by which the user can decrease efforts and achieve a higher return on his investments.

One of the main features of Delgence has been the rapid growth in our data research operations. Delgence has been working with several European and American associates on various Data and predictive analysis problems. In the era of INTERNET OF THINGS and catering the demand on the user data obtained is the new conception to business today.


Few product and services of Delgence

Delgence cater a full spectrum of business analytics services—big data services, consulting and advisory, application and infrastructure management, data quality and ETL, predictive analytics, research, business intelligence (BI), and reporting to industries ranging from Banking and Financial Services, Insurance, Retail, Consumer Products, Manufacturing, Energy, High Tech, Transportation, Automotive, Media, Health-care, and Life Sciences to Business Services.
Delgence provides end-to-end BI implementation and consulting services help clients transform billions of data elements into timely, fact-based, and actionable knowledge that impact their business strategies and provide valuable business insights.
Below are few of our esteemed works, details of all can be obtained on contact.
Looqi is a GPS tracking system which enables children, old people and many others to be tracked easily from a remote location using web or mobile app. This device will send a 16 bit encoded hexadecimal GPS data with the co-ordinate of the device in every 20 seconds interval if there is a change of 10 Meter in its location.

Noord Brabant
Establish a good ecosystem to boost the economy of the province and also supporting small and large entrepreneurs doing business in the province. Major goal of is to build an ecosystem with Information(I) verticals and Communication(C) vertical and the way of interconnecting customers/ travelers visiting Brabant to the entrepreneurs of the Brabant. Currently province has a turnover of 5.3 Billion Euros every year for the leisure and hospitality segment and it is projected to have it as 6 Billion Euros after the first year of implementing this project, hence the project fully satisfied the business need.

Is one of the biggest examples of how we build an idea from its most atomic stage to something really big. The Idea behind Smartfanpage was to bring all the campaign developers from all around the world and the innovative publishers on one stage, a marketplace, where Developers can interact and sell there campaign templates and Marketeers can just gathering new leads, send the monthly newsletter, organizing webinars, hold contests and marketing campaigns on Facebook, with just a few clicks.

This have been an innovative project from the UK…by two young entrepreneurs

It helps it's users to time-track all the releases and updates of movies, games, books and music and several other entertainment domain related areas which we tend to miss in our busy schedule. The entire system along with the architecture, server end programming, back end analytics, management of user data all have been developed by Delgence.

Today's special is an excellently designed innovative project by an experienced entrepreneur from the Netherlands
The web application helps you order Homemade food from different store location. The analytics, user management and highly flexible ordering structure were the biggest highlights of the project…

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