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We take this opportunity to introduce DD Auto, the company with a heritage of DD Group which started with a humble beginning in 1951 as Daulat Ram Dharam Bir and has to its credit of holding a leadership position in the Automotive sector for the last 65 years.

In our bid to contribute to the environment, we have now ventured into manufacturing of electric vehicles with a highly skilled and dedicated R&D team to manufacture electric vehicles. Our current product line includes battery powered passenger e-Rickshaw “e-Rick-1” and heavy-duty loader “e-Kart” designed to transport cargo with loads of up to 380 kilograms in short haul applications and two wheeled battery operated scooters as per government guidelines & ICAT/ARAI certifications on Indian roads.

The emphasis on new technology is an important part of our success, therefore, we provide latest technological solutions. We, believe that with the use of technology into proper & effective use these products will reduce the generation of the greenhouse gases, which would help in keeping a checks on Global Warming.

DD Auto has been awarded the Type Approval Certificate from iCAT, Manesar for its Passenger E-rickshaw Model “e-Rick 1”. It is also the 1st electric e- rickshaw approved in India with Hydraulic Brakes which has been designed & developed in house conforming to the Central Motor Vehicle Rule and Guidelines (Govt of India).

DD Auto has the Experience, Expertise, & Competence to present products which are safe, reliable and value for money.

It needs to be appreciated that a majority percentage of the world’s sales of diesel motor vehicles are concentrated in the Asian region. With absolute no doubt the diesel driven vehicles have improved peoples’ lives as a convenient/cheap means of transportation. However, air pollution caused by exhaust from these motor vehicles have become a serious health & environment problem.

Green is slowly and steadily becoming the symbolic Color of Eco-Consciousness in India, where the response to climate change is critical for the survival of future generations. The good news is that there are multiple ways to tap the power of Green and achieve greater relevance for environmental consciousness by taking steps to reduce energy consumption & costs by embracing Green as a business.

DD Auto in its endeavor will strive to be a leader in the Organized National Player in Electric Vehicle Segment with a presence in all important towns and cities in India for its environmentally friendly vehicles.

Our aim is to provide legally registered, insured and licensed electric vehicles in consultation with traffic police and Regional Transport Authorities along with Municipalities/ Panchayat rules & regulation.

We at DD Auto are ensuring financing and insurance of E-Rickshaws which will be an enabler for supporting E-Rickshaw drivers, drivers to become owners. This will also help in expanding the market for environment-friendly vehicles in the transportation sector.

Indian Roads to be launched soon.

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