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DCP India is in Import, Export and Manufacturing of Agro and generic commodities. Sugar, Rice, Aluminium Foil, Essential Oils, Dairy Products, Hulled Sesame Seeds, Potable Alcohol and PVC Banner Flex are some of our majorly traded products

Mr. Ajit Jain, the founder director of the company M/s DCP INDIA PRIVATE LIMITED, started with a small capital a proprietary firm called “M/s Delhi Chemplastiks” in the year 1977, trading in polymers like PVC Sheeting and Films for the use in Stickers, Packing, etc.

As the business expanded he diversified in the trading of PU Synthetic Leather and renamed the proprietary firm M/s DCP Synthetics in the year 1992. In the years to come our customers remembered our firm as “DCP”, which were the three words derived from the name “Delhi ChemPlastiks”. These three alphabets have been the lucky mascot for the company.

Mr. Ajit Jain’s son Mr. Gaurav Jain, at the age of fifteen, started travelling along with his father to Taiwan and China and added more products to their portfolio. The present company M/S DCP Synthetics Private Limited was incorporated on 14th of January 2004 with Mrs. Rashi Jain w/o Mr. Gaurav Jain and Mr. Ajit Jain as the founder directors.

Gaurav Jain at a very early age grew up bulk business in PU leather and PVC flex banner sheets from China. Thus, enhancing the company’s growth many folds. “One and one makes ELEVEN”, is very true as the company’s turnover kept on increasing. Seeing the globalization of the company and increase in the range of products the promoters decided to change the name to M/s DCP INDIA PRIVATE LIMITED on 11th of November 2011, to better change the range of products now dealt in the company. Ever since, the company has registered phenomenal growth. This name became very popular in the Indian market. Today DCP is involved in Imports, Exports and Trading of generic commodities (largely intermediary goods that are further processed and resold).
DCP's "TIGER" as a brand is now known globally




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