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I am from Greece and our company produce high quality Extra virgin olive oil, olives,honey and represent producers of wines, cheese and make exports of our products along with other high grade greek food products that we are the export manager.

All of our products are of exceptional quality certified from Greece and abroad with the required legislation and specifications of European union and international Certifications HACCP,FDA,BIO,IRIS,B.R.C.,BRC, IFS, ISO 22000, ISO 9001 certified systems in order to provide consumers with completely safe, healthy, high quality cheese products.
Most of our products have been rewarded worldwide in many international competitions.
Due to their amazing flavour and quality, they have earned the first, second and third prize in these competitions.
Some of our products are listed below:

Extra virgin olive oil and organic extra virgin olive oil.

Our company produces pure organic extra virgin olive oil as well as many varieties of olive oil , from the best quality olive-producing zone in Greece, Crete and Kalamata with many International Awards every year .

Specifically, in the category of extra virgin olive oil (EVOO) it is launching a premium product line, consisting of a PDO Kolymvari EVOO, an Organic EVOO, and two monovarietal EVOOs of Koroneiki and Tsounati variety. Cretan Savor have Cretan olive oil is distinguished by its excellent organoleptic characteristics. It owes its incomparable taste and excellent aroma to the Cretan soil, the variety of the olive fruit, the abundant sunshine and the dry climate of the island, and of course to the love of the Cretans for the olive tree.

Pomace Olive Oil,olive oil and refined olive oil

Many varieties of natural mineral water and indifferent sizes 0,5 liter, 1 liter, 1,5 liter, 5 liter,and 10 liter award winning first place in international competition.

lladi Per L'Insalata Gourmet Oil Blend is a light, fragrant, gourmet blend of 51% olive oil and 49% sunflower oil. It is all natural and its mild flavor and high smoke point make it ideal for:
frying, sauteing, cooking, baking, salad dressing
Available in: Glass Bottle 750 ml, Tin 5lt, Pet Bottle 1lt 5lt
Shelf life: 18 months

BALSAMIC VINEGAR SAUCE 100% NATURAL PRODUCT. have earned the first place award winning

Perfectly treated wines and organic wines. Our wineries has participated in international competitions (Berlin, Decanter England, Brussels, Thessaloniki, IWSC) and has won 120 international medals. Our goal is to produce high quality products, with the hope that they will gain your preference,and lot of other kind wines.

Perfectly treated honey and organic honey from Crete International Awards
Highest ranked honey in 2016 with three gold stars from the International Taste and Quality
Institute (iTQi) and one gold star from Great Taste Awards .

Perfectly treated organic cheese feta PDO International award winning with first prize, feta PDO is made exclusively from sheep’s milk or a mixture of sheep-goat milk with up to 30% goat milk. Feta PDO is a product whose roots we find thousands of years ago in ancient Greece. Our feta PDO has a protected designation of origin, it is made from 100% Familyfarm milk production and other bio-farms under our supervision in order to sustain our high quality standards and excellent taste.

Traditional Cretan gruyere cheese and other white cheese from Crete,Dairy Products.

Perfectly treated olives, Stuffed Olives, natural salt.
Superior Salts, Sea Salts in Ceramic Mill, Sea Salts in Glass Jar
Traditional Appetizers , all free of any chemical fertilizers and pesticides.

traditional sweet, fruit, hazelnut-praline , diluted juises .
jam , sesame seed paste, halvah.
Cookies & Dessert Spreads
Breadsticks made with the finest ingredients grown in the Greek soil. An all day healthy snack or a great accompaniment for your favorite cheese, dip, drink or beverage.
Dips & Chutneys A wide range of pasteurized Homemade Dips based on authentic Greek recipes. Delicious and ready to serve. The perfect accompaniment for our handcrafted Breadsticks.
Healthy Snacks.

Bakery Traditional and organic products from Crete excellent taste and quality :
Homemade Without Preservatives

Products Aromatic Herbs on conversion of organic farming from Crete famous all over the world for its rich aroma, essential oils and therapeutic antioxidant properties Oregano,Thyme, Lemonothymaro,Rosemary,Malotira mountain tea,Marjoram.

Excellent Traditional currant sultanas and currant sultanas with walnut and almond from Crete
Tomato Paste,organic tomato paste

Soft drinks Orangade,Lemonade,Lemon Ice Tea,Peach Ice Tea,Sparkling water,Biral,
Fresh Fruits,orange,avocado,peaches, kiwis, pears,tangerine, apple

Soap and natural cosmetics with organic olive oil and organic aloe vera. A unique combination skin without Vaseline, Vaseline, Propylaino glycol & Paraben. The right product, at the right price. A complete facial care line, hair and body.


Traditional Cretan gruyere cheese and other white cheese from Crete
olives,Stuffed Olives from Greece
organic wines frome Crete
organic and cheese feta PDO
honey from Crete
extra virgin olive oile from Crete
extra virgin olive oil 12ml and 18ml
High Quality Extra Virgin Olive oil