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Our company Cretan Savor, produce high quality Οrganic Extra virgin olive oil, olives,honey, herbs and we represent producers of traditional high grade greek food products that we are the export manager.

All of our products are of exceptional quality certified from Greece with the required legislation and specifications of European union and international Certifications HACCP,FDA,BIO,IRIS,B.R.C.,BRC, IFS, ISO 22000, ISO 9001 certified systems in order to provide consumers with completely safe, healthy, high quality products.

Extra virgin olive oil and organic extra virgin olive oil.

Cornerstone to our success is, the ongoing commitment to unwavering quality. The only efficient way to consistently produce olive oil of the highest quality is by implementing a holistic approach. This is how Cretan Savor understand Quality. As a vertically organized company we oversee every aspect of production, from farming and olives milling to bottling and exports. Complying with international quality standards and establishing our own rigorous internal procedures, is our way of ensuring pure, wholesome and delicious products. The ancient Minoan civilization was inherited to our today’s way of life. We strongly believe that, and our way of proving it, is our Olive Oil

Our Honey from Crete
At White Mountains heights, of Crete, in National Park " Samaria" , among rare endemic naturally grown plants
is from where we collect our honey !
National Park of " Samaria" is a protected area being included to EU NATURA legislation .
Our honey, is unique thanks to its aroma and taste.
Honey's high nutritional value and it's stimulant and antiseptic properties, has a preventative effect against cardiovascular disorders ,a beneficial role against diseases of the urinary and digestive system. A recent research conducted by the Aristotelian University of Thessaloniki-Greece, indicates that Greek honey, is significantly superior, in terms of properties, than the world famous Manuka honey.
Those characteristics are being increased , with Edible Gold enrichment.
We are proud of our products, which is our strong believe, that are respecting heritage of Crete!!

Organic farming herbs from Crete and harvested by hand.
The healing properties of Cretan herbs
Botanical studies recording, that Crete has one of the richest and interesting ecosystems in Europe, with a huge number of endemic (native only to Crete) plants. For example, Malotira (Siderites Syriaca) and Diktamos (Oreganum Dictamnus), the last known in Antiquity for its antiseptic properties.
Crete offers numerous such herbs utilized from the past for their medicinal properties. These herbs generally grow in the inland mountain ranges: they are harvested by experienced collectors, dries under natural condition and packaged in modern material, without recourse to chemicals or other additives.

Natural 100% cosmetics with organic olive oil, organic aloe vera,caviar, snail secretion.
A unique combination skin without Vaseline, Vaseline, Propylaino glycol & Paraben. The right product, at the right price. A complete facial care line, hair and body.

Fovakis Alexandros

Managing Director
Cretan savor
Crete, Greece

tel +302821500430
mobil. +306906214864 WhatsApp, Viber
email: info@cretansavor.gr , cretansavor@gmail.com
Web page : https://www.cretansavor.gr/
Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/alexandros-fovakis-26519864/


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