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Company Profile

Creole Studios is a young, originative web and software designing agency. We work and break our backs to make your life easier through the common medium that we, so generously, share: the web. We're creative, genuine and dedicated: the three qualities we value the most. Our aim is to be timely (yes!) in delivering quality products that not only please, but also amaze. Mobility is a primary concern when it comes to technological progress. Therefore, we run right ahead in the discipline, keeping pace and experimenting with newer domains. With so wide a scope as the software development industry offers, it is an art to design just the right kind of applications through complex frameworks and architecture, to produce the desired artifact.

Our development process and work criteria is straightforward and transparent, as, such a system is precisely what enhances efficiency without losing precious time. You approach us, share your concepts and ideas and we transform that into a usable, feature-rich product. This channel reflects the work ethic of Creole Studios: doing straight, constructive work of unmatched caliber and craftsmanship, with a bit of fun.

We take pride in our uniqueness and our team of really smart (and often annoying) geeks and nuts thrives to serve, create, and make a difference.
Our founding team is bracing itself to be presentable for your arrival. We'll clean up well and be here shortly to introduce ourselves. But while we do that, we have one person to thank. Avani Pandya, our language consultant, whose expertise helped us a lot in making this website a cool place. Thank you for your support.

Our web development team and designing team also did a commendable job in making this beautiful website. It magnifies our values and thinking and presents it aptly. We hope you had a nice time browsing!


iOS Apps Development

Today, we all walk around with some or the other iThing in our hand. It is almost like a curse, not to be able to possess one. This 'phenomenon' started around half a decade ago, when Apple released their classy iOS. With that, the first ever App Store was launched, and what do you know? That is what the smart phone industry revolves around today – apps. Within this short span of time, their countless number of apps have received over 50 billion downloads. Now that, is something. Of course, there are criticisms for every revolutionary change. Some believe that this escalating demand is merely a passing trend. We disagree. Smart devices are a part of a lifestyle that people choose to follow. They are here to stay. So, here's the deal. You come to us with a muddle of ideas for your app, our team of developers engages into serious coding and builds a beautiful, clean, live app specially designed to your needs. If you can imagine it, we can work it up. Use your Apple device for something more than what meets the eye. So, what's going on in that head of yours? Tell us.

Android Apps Development

With over a billion active Android users, Android apps have become one of the strongest mediums, to gain mass attention, advertise a product/service, or monetize an idea. No other industry or medium offers this level of wide reach at such a viral pace. Broadcast media (TV, radio) holds its audience only up to the moment the channel is changed. But a smartphone is with you all day long. It has the luxury of guaranteed (even though momentary) attention from the user. With such a large volume of apps in the market already, one needs to be smart. Nielsen ratings show that these days, on an average, there are 40 apps installed in a normal user’s smartphone. This number is definitely increasing every year, but here is another bit of interesting figures – Flurry’s reports show that an average user spends around 80-90 minutes everyday using apps on their phone. This means that each app gets roughly, about 2 minutes of user’s attention each day. But no one opens all their apps everyday and there are separate apps for e-mail, messaging and social media that certainly take up more than 2 minutes of use, daily. Crunching such numbers, one really needs to have his hands on an app that is flawlessly built. The app should amaze the user in the two-minute window it gets. This is where we come in, to make a difference. Our focus lies in the product being offered, creating a sophisticated app appeal, increasing user engagement and increasing an app’s lifetime. We specialize in building apps that run smoothly on all Android devices. We can build Android apps for Ice Cream Sandwich or Jelly Bean and even for older or tuned versions like Amazon’s Kindle Fire or B&N’s Nook too. Our developers know the platform inside out.

Web Development

Websites have always been a big deal, despite the several changes that the software industry has gone through over time. Over the last 2 decades, websites became a major medium to share and consume content on the Internet. It led to a massive revolution, transforming every industry in existence. But soon after the dotcom bubble burst, websites and web applications had serious issues to face in order to survive. One has to evolve in order to survive (as Darwin might say) and today, after undergoing numerous changes, web development holds a strong, irreplaceable place of its own in the industry. A well-built website or web app can do wonders to a business today. It enhances every aspect of one's online presence, be it a personal blog or a company's site, providing services/products for the potential clientele. With the help of contemporary technologies like HTML5 and CSS3 we can help you create a strong network and expand your market reach immeasurably by building a great looking, feature-rich site, perfectly suiting your needs. We're here to make you

UI/UX Design

Design is of paramount importance to us. The world of software engineering has learnt this the hard way. No realization has come down bigger than the fact that good design is not just an attribute but a prime necessity for good quality software. Steve Jobs once said in an interview with The New York Times, ‘Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works.’ We take this as our doctrine. We are designers. We don't merely create something blandly according to what the customers demand. We create designs that are properly engineered to meet your specifications and so we follow a proper brainstorming process wherein every smallest element of the design is thoroughly examined. Every button's existence is duly scrutinized. We put our head and heart into the process to create something original, something that would make one obsess over the product. Creole Studios constantly strives to achieve newer levels of artistry and craftsmanship. Our team works hard at analyzing different scenarios, coming up with the best possible, ergonomic solutions and creating a ritzy, plush experience for you & your users. If you already have a development team by your side, that works too. We could co-ordinate and help you get your software the design it deserves.