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Corrtech International Pvt Ltd (CIPL) aims to become a one stop shop providing integrated services in the domain of oil & gas sector, through horizontal & vertical growth, leading to enhanced customer satisfaction and delight."

The flagship company of the group, Corrtech international Pvt Ltd (CIPL), was established in 1982 and has been engaged in the business of Pipeline Construction, Cathodic Protection Systems and Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD) and while doing so has laid down an enviable track record. With hard work, efficiency and dedicated service along with professionalism, we have managed to become one of the leading companies in our business domain.

Last three decades have seen CIPL providing Cathodic Protection services and solutions of diversified nature across lengths and breadths of the country encompassing thousands of kilometers of cross country pipelines, tank bottoms, petrochemical plants, refineries, power plants, fertilizer plants, jetties, nuclear power plants and other off shore structures.

In Pipeline Construction business, we have served major Indian clients and till date have successfully completed laying, testing and commissioning of over 1400 kms of cross-country pipeline projects of sizes ranging from 4” – 48” diameters. In the space of HDD operations, the company is experienced and well equipped to carryout most rugged crossings operations for long distance pipeline projects up to 48” diameter in India and abroad. The company has a large fleet of sophisticated and heavy duty pipeline construction equipment and HDD machines.

We, through our 100% subsidiary companies, are also engaged in the business of Gas Turbine repair & maintenance and manufacturing of Gas Conditioning Skids.

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