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Company Profile

Chemaf SARL operates in Lubumbashi, eastern Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), and is a subsidiary of Shalina Resources Ltd ( www.shalinaresources.com ), a private company owned by the Shalina group ( www.shalina.com). Com ).

Chemaf is an integrated entity consisting of the Étoile mine and the Usoke plant located about ten kilometers away. Since 2002, we have been producing copper and cobalt value-added products.

In 2011, our electrolytic extraction plant produced 20,191 tons of copper cathodes, in line with the London Metal Exchange (LME) class A specifications, using Solvent extraction and electrolytic extraction technologies. In 2011, production of cobalt in the form of cobalt hydroxide was 2,155 tonnes.

Cobalt is currently produced as a hydroxide through leaching and precipitation processes. We have also made significant technological advances in the production of pure cobalt cathodes using solvent extraction and electrolytic technologies through the development of a pilot plant since 2007.

Chemaf is committed to investing in the DRC by running a dynamic business that provides important job opportunities for Congolese and invests in local community projects. We are already investing heavily in the Katanga region and have been involved in many community projects.

Chemaf ensures environmental friendliness and seeks to minimize its impact on the environment through effective planning. In addition, we recognize the importance of providing our employees with a safe and healthy working environment in all of our operations.

Our priority is to support autonomous projects that empower local communities to improve their living conditions. So far, we have invested in infrastructure, health and education projects. Our biggest investment was in the Shalina Ophthalmic Center. It is a non-profit organization serving the general public that offers free eye care for all.

One of the best ways for us to contribute to the development of the DRC is to develop a dynamic and sustainable company. Since our creation, Chemaf has been a major contributor to the development of the province of Katanga and the DRC through the payment of various direct and indirect taxes and we have also contributed even more thanks to the multiplier effects.